How does disease get started in your body?  Why does disease affect people in different parts of their bodies?  Why does disease happen at all?  What is disease anyway? These are all viable questions to ask.  But mostly what you have been programmed to ask… “is what is wrong with me?” The 3D Duality Programs of Fear state there is something wrong with you, you “need” to be fixed and someone outside of you is the expert to fix you.  Now these are programs that keep you disempowered…do you think?  They keep you emotionally challenged.  In fact, these programs embed you with the ideas and concepts that you have to get sick at some time in your life.  They encourage you to get sick, take pills and live less. 

The fact is disease is manifested by and through your emotional body of consciousness.  As long as you believe you are less than, not good enough, can’t be in charge of your life, in other words… as long as you are a victim of someone, something or some limited Belief System, you will be sick.  The 3D Duality Programs become your Self-fulfilling prophecy that you have to get sick.  Sounds so inviting… NOT! 

Disease is the lack of ease in your body.  Disease is a frequency and vibration that does not resonate harmonically to a healthy body.  It will resonant to your body when you are emotionally and then subsequently physically drained and exhausted from trying and trying and trying, which is trying for your physical body, to live in the limited 3D Duality Belief Systems.  When these limiting Belief System state…  “You have to take this drug or that drug, or you have to take this product or that product to make you well while over and over again you get sick over and over again!”  This is the dynamic recycle bin of disease and recovery and disease.  What a waste of time.  Even in the corporate world you get “sick days”.  You can’t ever get “well days”.  This is a set-up for sickness.  Gawd forbid you “should be well” to have time off work.  What a 3d Duality Program…days off to be sick, you are rewarded by being sick!!!

The majority of the TV commercials are about taking drugs and living a not so better life, hooked on drugs.  How is this for a commercial… Person walks up to the pharmacy and says… “Can I please have a bottle of the after affects and just get it over with instead of the long term suffering?”  How’s that for a commercial?  Take another route… how about looking at the option for you to get to the core of the disease in the beginning of the issue.  Or how about getting to the core of the emotional issue that created the disease in the first place?

Disease doesn’t happen from the outside of you to the inside of you. Disease happens from the inside out. The outside factor is only the contributing factor or factors when your body is emotional challenged or you are simply exhausted from existing in the limited Belief Systems. Your physical body breaks down you get sick and disease happens. When your body is compromised, the vibration and frequency of your body is lowered.  Then it is very easy for you to get sick and your body to attract disease inside of you.

Where ever your physical body is emotionally challenged is where your body gets sick first.  Which area or areas of your body have the least resistance and the most emotional and physical challenges are the “where and why you get sick there”.  Then long term disease can happen.  This is not a happening you would like to have happen.  Yet it does all the time. 

In the U.S. the topic of conversation is always disease, illness and sickness.  What happen to talking about being well and healthy?  This idea of being healthy and well is now the idea of alternative.  How alternative is health suppose to be.  The alternative really should be… “Do I have to get sick?  Do I have to live in dis-ease?”  These are the questions to ask your Self.  Yet the reality that prevails is that disease, illness and sickness are the norm!  Hey wake-up….DISEASE, ILLNESS AND SICKNESS IS NOT THE NORM. 

Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay have been talking and writing about disease, illness and sickness for year.  Through the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance, you now have practical tools to direct you to the core of your emotional and physical issues, to support you to get rid of the issues, and to support you to live a healthy life.  You absolutely deserve to live a healthy life without sick days to infringe upon your journey. 

The Anshara Method of Accelerate Healing and Abundance is the gift that keeps on giving.  The Anshara Method provides you with the resolution so you can achieve the solution you deserve to have.  More solutions, less disease, illness and sickness, you are living in your Power.  Wellness is the way for living.  Disease, illness and sickness are the ways for existing.  Living is the way to go!

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