There is Soul Food, Soul Music, Soul Performance, Soul Mate, Soul Sister, and Soul Brother, including “Who’s Got Soul?” There is the depth of your Soul, there is Soulless and Soul-full. There is the idea that souls have a “human” experience. Does this include other timelines? Does this include other types of “beings”?

According to the description of the Soul on Google, here are two examples of descriptions of who the Soul is. An immaterial force within a human being is thought to give the body life, energy, and power. many religions teach that the soul is immortal. Synonyms for soul. psyche, spirit. Words Related to Soul. life, vitality. Being! Here’s another example… expressing or appearing to express deep and often sorrowful feelings:” example she gave him a soulful glance”


What is the point of having a Soul that gives life to a person, and then has to accept that one’s Soul must be sorrow-filled? This is exactly the resonance of Duality. What is good must be bad! Good, Bad, High, Low, Right, Wrong, YUCK! Duality in actuality of a description of a Soul doesn’t make sense!

For example, the soul is defined as a “sorrowful feeling”! This is an oxymoron, without criticizing this viewpoint. Is the Soul sorrowful? Why is the Soul, which gives life to the body, portrayed as sorrowful? This wouldn’t make sense.

In terms of Duality, of right and evil, black and white, good or bad, without evaluating these concepts, then a description of the Soul who provides life to a body, in Duality terms a good thing… but a Soul must have a bad side, therefore there is grief. Hmmm!!!

What is the point of having a Soul that provides life to a person, only to accept that one’s Soul must be sorrowful? This is the exact resonance of duality. What is nice, must be awful! Good, bad, high, low, right, wrong, and yuck! Duality in the fact of a description of a Soul makes no sense!

From a perspective, not perception, which is the reception of a misleading idea, from the NEO Non-Emotional Observer, getting rid of, eliminating the resonance of this Duality back and forth syndromes, and revealing the facts, then everything, yes everything, is seen! Non-emotional observation can reveal facts!

As facts are discovered, without any emotional hits and emotional attachments, the results of discovery achieve what is the Truth. The Trues, the mix-ups, and the divisions of Duality are not relevant. Why have a war? A war of words, a war of division, a war of my way or the highway, an inner war with Self. WHY WAR AT ALL!

Duality takes up your time, your creativity and sucks the life and the Truth out of living. Duality is the resonance of, without doubt, sucking the life out of life. Without life here on this planet, why be here? Why be involved in life? What call any life and alive? Duality is all about No Life! Duality is only opposition.

Your Time

Is now the time for everyone, including you and me, to “see” or acknowledge that this description of the “SHIFT” for so many years and decades can help each person become their Shift from the inside out? Duality takes the vitality out of not only being alive but also time! Time, Creativity, and Life!

Why waste any more time? Time, as written many many times by me, is an increment of space in your time continuum every moment, in which you create in this personal space of yours, what you came here to create in what time/space you are in. This is not double talk! You are here to establish into this physical Earth world, what you came here to create and to establish as your life experiences.

However, when you, your life, your creativity, and your beingness are “caught up” in the only Duality left Computer brainwashing through the limitations of the Duality programming, you and everyone become stuck in the good and bad, right and wrong, or whatever oppositional Belief System, the B.S. is handed out to you the moment the sperm hits the egg!


This is not judging the system, just pointing out how everyone gets manipulated. Stop being manipulated. Be in your Power. Recognize your own Self-Power within you. This Self Power is you. This Self Power is BEING YOUR SOUL from the inside out!

What is the shift? The Shift, any Shift happens within you, when you are willing to connect to your Self, without any Self-judgment, and say to your Self, enough is enough! Enough is not enough. “Let me choose my full Self. That is your full potential, yes plural, your full expressions, your full creativity unleased for you in the resonance of Non-Duality!

Ask Your Self: Is your Soul a version of your Spirit? Is your Soul physical? Part of you? Is your Soul who? Is your Soul???? Amazing questions? Ask your questions.