From the day we are born, the environment assigns us descriptions, labels, and identities. These include different languages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and family dynamics, providing us with a plethora of labels throughout our lifetimes.

The Journey of Labels

Considering all the years of your life, you categorize each timeline with various labels. First, you are a newborn, then a baby, a toddler, a little kid, a pre-teen, a teenager, a young adult, an older adult, a senior adult, and finally, just “old.”

Additionally, there are labels like wife, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, in-law, out-law, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, cousin, boss, employer, employee, friend, frenemy, stranger, and even stranger. But what do all these labels mean? Are they full of meaning or full of mean?

The Impact of Labels

Indeed, labels serve as reference points, indicating a person’s position. However, the emotional meanings attached to these labels can become overwhelming. Consequently, individuals in these roles may lose themselves, becoming mere labels acting out roles on the “stages” of life. These labels can become burdensome, sometimes “sucking” the life out of the people in these assigned roles.

The process loses the connections, specifically the heart-to-heart connections known as Heartness through Connectedness. The label of Oneness overshadows the Allness of each person, which is absurd. Oneness perpetuates the Duality Belief System, suggesting that everyone is the same. This is not the Truth. Allness embraces the multi-dimensional, multiplicity of you and everyone!

Beyond Descriptions, Labels, and Identities

You can never be just one description, label, or identity. The idea that everyone is the same is ridiculous! Duality’s Belief System assigns a vast array of descriptions, labels, and identities from birth, including birth signs that supposedly dictate how you should act. For example, sharing the same birthday sign with my mother did not make us similar; we were completely different, proving the absurdity of such labels.

Each timeline of your life also comes with identities like single, married, divorced, or fitting (or not) into another mold. The plethora of new gender identity labels only adds to the confusion, creating boxes and boxes of perplexities.

The Labels of Illness

Furthermore, there are labels for illnesses such as anxiety, depression, cancer, burnout, PTSD, and many more. Despite the symptoms being the same throughout history, these illnesses have had different descriptions, labels, and identities. People always address them as physical, regardless of the times and timelines.

The Root Cause

The confusion arises because these descriptions, labels, and identities are imposed from the outside in. The emotional components of these labels are not addressed, even though emotions are physical. You are always physical, a living person. However, life gets lost through these narratives.

Moving Beyond Labels

Remember, these portrayals are merely “Descriptions,” “Labels,” and “Identities.” They are not YOU! These labels are good information for understanding your body’s experiences from a medical, psychological, or reference point. However, they are just informational, just ideas. YOU ARE ALIVE!

By discerning the information and consciously determining what to do with it, you can significantly impact your health and well-being. Embrace being YOU, not a Duality descriptive, label, or identity.

Trust Yourself

You don’t have to discount or self-judge the labels assigned to you. Rely on your natural innate abilities and intuition. Have faith in your heart, your real brain, to discern your truth. Believe in yourself from the inside out and become the real YOU.

Trust your natural innate abilities. Trust your heart. Trust yourself from the inside out. Become and be YOU!

SHERRYISM “Trust Your Self from the inside out and BE YOU!”

Sherry Anshara