In 2008, this article was published in the American Holistic Nurses Journal, “Beginnings.”

This article presents a new modality in the field of energy medicine that uses cellular memory release as a practical, effective treatment for depression. However, in order to understand cellular memory, it is important to first review prior developments within complementary and alternative medicine that have led to this new treatment.

Energy Medicine

The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (2005) defines energy medicine as “all energetic and informational interactions resulting from self-regulation or brought about through other energy linkages to
mind and body.” Energy medicine has been recognized by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM, 2004) as one of the leading areas of integrative medicine. Recognizing that humans are capable of generating and controlling subtle, not-yet-measurable energies that seem to influence both physiological and physical mechanisms, NCCAM has defined the theory of subtle energies as putative energy fields. Examples of putative energy fields include qi in traditional Chinese medicine, ki in Japanese as Kampo system, dosha in Ayurvedic medicine, and elsewhere as parna, etheric energy and homeopathic resonance (Hintz, Yount, Kadar, Schwartz, Hammerschlat, & Lin, 2003).

Cellular Memory

Virtually every behavioral pattern exhibited during routine activities of daily living results from learned data, which are stored or encoded as “cellular memory.” Most of these behavioral patterns are benign, in that they do not contribute significantly to cellular destruction (i.e., disease). However, some patterns are expressed as significant reflections of traumatic-encoded cellular information. In the 1990s, McClaskey (1998) and Van der Kolk and Fisler (1995) concluded that it is imperative that the primary focus of intervention involves isolating and decoding causative traumatic cellular memory patterns in order for therapy to have a lasting effect. More recently, studies of cellular memory have documented anecdotal, non-normal experiences of organ transplant recipients. For example, the recipients developed new personality traits, food cravings and interests after having a transplant (D’Alberto, 2003; Kronemyer, 2000; Linton, 2003).

This new approach to release harmful cellular patterns has been termed “Bio-Energy Medicine.” Through this approach, a client’s consciousness is cleared in order to access the origination point of his/her illness. Thus, the disease is released from the consciousness at the cellular level. The following case demonstrates how cellular memory release aids in alleviating the adverse effects of depression.

Bio-Energy Medicine for Depression

Shelley telephoned and said: “Ten days ago I was in bed, barely existing in a label of life-long, treatment-resistant depression, sobbing, helpless and hopeless. Even with years of classes, therapy, medications and constant affirmations, I was still separate from myself and my truth.”

Upon hearing her words, desperation and helplessness were evident in her sobbing voice. She could hardly talk, and it was clear that she was at the end of her “rope.” Although she did not know it yet, this crisis would be the turning point for her to take her life back.

Shelley used this new approach, Bio-Energy Medicine, to get to the root of her depression. She did not have to be hypnotized, be poked with needles, or use various rituals. Instead she simply became an observer, without emotional attachments, and consciously asked her body “What is the cause of my depression?” This led her to the core issue, which was stored in her cellular memory, and then she chose to release the traumatizing experience from her cells in order to live in the present. After the cellular release, she remarked: “I feel desire and connection within every cell of my body. After releasing the depression that was stuck in my body, I now have a new beginning. I am whole and one with myself for the first time!”


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Anup Kanodia MD is currently a Family Medicine resident in Phoenix Ariz. and will be a fellow in Complementary and Alternative Medicine at Harvard Medical School, beginning in July 2006.

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