In these challenging times with overwhelming media coverage centered on fear and loss, it is easy to create “out of body” experiences, pushing the limits of your upper chakras – your crown, third eye, throat, and heart – to check out of the turmoil.  The fallacy that living in these upper chakras will keep you connected to the Universe is an erroneous perception that life will be better by living “above it all.”  Well, it doesn’t work that way.

Not only is it challenging to your lower chakras – your solar plexus, creative and base chakras – your lower body itself is confronted with the difficulties of staying in your body and supporting you to participate fully in life. When you are disconnected from your power center, the solar plexus, ignoring the powerful dynamics of your creative chakra, then your base chakra is forced to dredge up old fear-based belief systems which promote the…. “Life is tough;” “there is no way to overcome these problems;” “there is no way out of this situation;” “why is this always happening to me,” etc. paradigms: the negative computer brain head talk that simply sabotages you.

To fully connect to the abundant Universe, you have to be fully present in your body, using your infinite intelligence and intellect, which is an integral part of your chakra centers.  The chakras are physical, energetic components within your physical body of consciousness.  When they are working in unison with each other – within your body – you become simultaneously more balanced.  You are connected to your Self.  You are connected to your body.  At the same time, you are open to the possibilities and potentials which the Universe has to offer without all the fear stuff affecting you and your life in negative ways.  The perk is that you become connected and grounded to the earth.  You are then positioned in the physical process of creating your life, minus the fear and turmoil; a great place to be.  

Being deliberately grounded and open is what sustains you through the difficult times.  You are metaphorically and physically operating with all your facilities. You are in alignment with the Universe and the Earth.  Grounded is the way to go.  Out of body is a way to go, but it doesn’t get you very far in accomplishing your life. Be deliberate and embrace being grounded.  Then you won’t miss any opportunities to improve your life and get what you deserve. Stay out of body and you will miss out on life!

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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