Since the advent of the human idea of “in the beginning” there is and always “was” the underlying theme of “swaying” people, you, me, and everyone regardless of language, age, or stage of life, the “Marketing Ploy” to get you, me, everyone to “buy into” something. A product, an idea, a construct, a belief systems (b.s.), and/or a “way” of life. 

What to buy, what to purchase, yes even a Belief System, the B.S., a methodology, a product, the one and only “way” to being the best, buying the best and living the best. However, and there are more than one how-evers, there are beyond countless “howevers”, yes plural of what was “purchased or bought” hook, line and “sinker”.

And then what happens in the “sinker”? Another oops “I didn’t again” bought the Duality construct that outside of one’s Self is the answer. The Marketing, again in any language, is spectacular.  “However,” spectacular” for whom”? This is the million-dollar or just one-dollar question! For whom????

Yep, Duality Marketing works every time. Taking up your time. Taking up your life.

Taking the life out of you! Taking, taking, taking… the way of Duality Marketing regardless of the time, times, or time frames. Each eon in human history had and has the more remarkable tool that defies any odds… Marketing to you, who, what, when or why you are you, where you are, and what you do!

This is not a judgment. This is a fact. Yet how much of your productive time, your life, your creativity do you surrender, without judgment, the aspect or part of you, the real you inside you, does not agree? You are many times, conscious or not about this “something” construct of marketing that does not “feel” correct to you, yet out of obligation of the Duality limited Belief Systems, you do what is expected, told to you, programmed for you that you have to do something a certain way, in a certain time, in ways that “con”trol and manipulate you.

Through Conscious Discernment, beyond the limitations and the narrow-banded resonance of Duality, you can begin to connect to this amazing, natural aspect of you… Your own personalized NI.

The Duality left computer brain enacts, reenacts, and continues to enact so many times, energy draining, life sucking, challenging, and demanding Belief Systems, that literally in your life that takes you away from you!

Disappointment, diagnosed as depression, unrealistic expectations, diagnosed as anxiety, eating your Self up alive diagnosed as cancer, and the list goes on and on and on. The emotional and physical emotional effects, affects and then infects that strain you, your body and your life take away your own individual within Self-Power.

Your Power is your Source of life within you. Within your cells, particles, and molecules to the subatomic level of you. You are multi-dimensional source, not a single but a singularity of many dimensions within you. NO WOO WOO! FACT!

To make a significant difference in your life that has significance to you is to begin to trust your NI, your Natural Intelligence within the subatomic level of you in this dimension.  Though this is described as the Third Dimension, this is just another Duality fallacy. Your own body is multi-dimensional! Your body has systems, that are all individual dimensions or systems that work together. 

However, when your left computer brain “buys” the Duality marketing program, especially about health, your body’s systems are divided or separated from their natural way of communicating with each other about your health and wellbeing from the inside out!

As your “con”trolled Duality focuses on the separation of you from your Self from the outside in, your body becomes overwhelmed focused on staying alive. Forget about healthy!!! Your body is “con”trolled by the ramifications of the Duality Marketing Strategies or Ploys to make you sick. Why? So, you can “buy” all the ways, means, and products that keep you stuck in the framework of what is good for you is always “outside of you” marketing message!

The NI Natural Intelligence within you is overridden by the left ½ of the computer brain that literally “takes over” your body. The left computer buys the “programming” by the programmers who “write” and commercialize these messages. What happens? Your own Inner Natural Power, your NI, your own Natural Intelligence is unwired, stopping your inner conversations, molecule to molecule, particle to particle, cell to cell, system to system from talking to each other. 

The dimensions inside of you are disconnected. What happens? Illness, disease, and dysfunction become “the disorders”! The marketing ploys of these “outside-in dynamics about your health and well being are dictated by the marketing of these Duality Belief Systems through every aspect of media.

You are programmed to always look outside of your Self for your own answers. When all your answers are inside of you. Your health, wealth, creative abilities, your entire Self is inside of you. Through all of these Duality Programs of separation of you and your Self from within every aspect of you, you are taught, programmed, “commercialized”, instilled, engrained, imprinted, imbedded with information to “get you” to “get your Self” from outside of you!

Your Natural Intelligence, your Cellular Memory within you is your entire knowledge of you. As you “let go” or release this eon embedded Duality Belief System, that you are the product of an outside explanation or label of you, you begin the most magnificent journey ever.

The Real Shift, this Inner Subatomic Within You Shift becoming the Wholeness and the Realness of your Inner Resonance of your own Truth.  You become your own inner Power! 

Fire these “outside” commercials, defining you, your health, your life, and your essence in Duality terms of dividing you into parts, sections and segments. Now you don’t have “buy” these commercial messages that are written by “a someone” who doesn’t know you!  No longer do you, your health, your life or what you do or don’t do be defined by a stranger or stranger who takes away your Power by their clever marketing messages.

“My Wordology My Biology written by me with me to believe in My Self from the inside out!”
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