Looking through the different decades transversing my journeys, yes plural journeys, from the very beginning of me, there are (not were in the past tense) many belief systems of ideas, concepts, theories, hypotheses, views, notions and thought patterns, that were witnessed by me! Through these “witnessing” or observations, my inner knowing, without judgment, yet in total amazement, how many of these descriptives of what was going in the world around me astonished me.

These astonishments flavored or rather at times seemed to disable me in what I felt was going on for me! This word disable, not in the sense of a crippling physical problem or just problems to not believe in what I was believing inside of me. Yet this idea, appearing inside of me as propaganda, crippling me in what my idea of what I would like to accomplish for my Self was not in alignment with the “Duality” Belief Systems within these certain time frames. These time frames are called the “decades”!

Decade in the thesaurus or dictionary is a period, an era, a span, a year, or a frame of time! At the time or throughout these time frames, many times these Duality Belief Systems “framed” the image or “picture” of how life is supposed to be in a certain decade or frame of time.

So many times, through my observations, these Decadal Duality Belief Systems appeared comical to me from the inside out of me. Yet they were not funny at all. Consider for your Self some of these limited Belief Systems that impacted you in how you did something or not. How they may have stopped you or encouraged you. No judgment of these Belief Systems. 

The issue is comprehending how did these Decadal Belief Systems formulate your own life! Empowering or Depowering??? This is the question to ask your Self as you “observe” or view some of these past experiences. Did these Belief Systems support you to be Your Self. Or did they support you to be a version or versions of someone else’s idea of you?  

This is a huge question! There are huge differences! What’s the impact?

Through observation of the 1950’s it was grow up, get married, have children and live happily ever after.  These are the Baby Boomers. As a clear observation without judgment, when someone is diagnosed with an illness, disease, or dysfunction, my question is when did it start? None of these physical and emotionally physical problems started at diagnosis. The “when did it start?” is the question. How did it start?

In the 1950’s the advertising, the marketing to get women back into the homes, again no judgment, because these women worked in factories, built bombs, aircraft and did a “man’s job”, they had to go home and let the men take over.  Again, this IS NOT A JUDGMENT!

These are the circumstances! All the marketing is directed to being in the perfect suburban home, with the perfect family, with the perfect life! Yet, all these decades later how come the Baby Boomers got so sick?

Could it be that fake food was introduced and marketed to them  Prior to this time, people ate more “organic” because this is how the food is grown. Farm, middlemen or middle transport, to grocery stores, to the wives and to the homes! A Duality Belief System to now sit in front of a boob tube called TV and let them brainwash people, families into “buying” into the new era of consumerism. Again, no judgment!

The 60’s presented different issues. In the beginning of the 60’s it was family and connection. Yet… and Yet happened. There was a resonance change in the mid 60’s. The beginning of rebellion. Not good, bad or indifferent. But violence, not in the movies, now appeared on the box… TV! A shift is the idea of how neighborhoods, suburbs or cities are supposed to be! Yet, that proverbial yet happens!

Loudly quiet changes and shifts began to happen. There are changes in the wind. Toward the end of the 60’s rebellion. Not from enemies?? No, from everyday people. They were breaking the Duality Belief Systems of what was thought as “stability” for many. People were protesting, even “famous” people protested breaking the view of who they were supposed to be! They were beginning to bust out of some of those Duality Boxes they were placed in or they placed them Selves.  

Opps and here are the 70’s! Free love, burning bras and communes. What is happening to the family structure, defined in the 1950’s?  Just consider all decades had their own issues, problems and paradigms. The 70’s really rattle people’s molecules.  The split and divide among people, groups, and groups of Duality Belief Systems really had problems!

WOW to the 80’s the ME GENERATION! Big hair, big jewelry, big cars, big homes, big everything including big wondrous Egos!!! This is or was the Selfish Generation. Be Big or Get out! The TV shows, the TV soap operas and movies…BE BIG! There was not room for Grow up, Get Married and Live Happily Ever After of the 1950’s. Affairs, divorces, multi-parings, whatever the 1980’s are big into trauma dramas.  

What is going on in the 1990’s? Confusion??? The beginning of the World Wide Web, lots of conflict, governments going down and coming up and the birthrate is down. Sounds like now! This is really the decade of disconnected connections. Hmmm!  Reproduced under Covid in the 2000’s.  The Duality platforms appear different! Yet! Another Yet, they are the same at the core of the Duality Belief Systems, the B.S. of “con”trol! 

In the 50’s you kept quiet, in the 60’s, you began to question, in the 70’s rebellion and now the 80’s let’s be big, in the 90’s let’s disconnect to connect! But now what? The 2000’s! OMG the end of the world. Everything is supposed to end. The computers shut down.  Dependency to technology begins. Can’t do anything without technology! Hmmm what is going on now and now you know where it started. The age of information! WOW!

The Age of Informational Disinformation to the max! OMG!

The 2000’s hit! The Duality Belief System of containment, being in your own state, country, nation is blown away! 9/11 happened. The emergency state of consciousness began to form as a Duality Belief Systems.  

Each year of the 2000’s the Shift of Confusion really has happened. Who can you believe, how can you believe, and what to believe in! So as you read this, consider that all these decades and from the decades of ancient times, all had their own paradigm shifts in so many ways.

Leaders, leaders out, leaders in, leaders out and the Duality leaders beat goes on! Yet!! And here is the best YET, we have the ability know to get to the facts, not the assumptions, not the Duality limited Belief System. We now together, individually, and collectively as we begin to stand in our own TRUTH from the inside out and resolve the issues in the tissues through accessing and connecting to your own Cellular Memory, you Now Become the Person throughout your own personal Continuum to be Your Self NOW!


Yes, let’s individually and collectively create and establish this Brand New Paradigm… Called Non Duality Resonance from the Inside Out.  Let the Decades go.  Appreciative them  Even appreciative of the marketing and programming through your Duality Left Computer Brain and Be Your Self!

“You are the decades of your Self and your Time Continuum… embrace all the decades of your times!”
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