Death is an extremely difficult topic to talk about.  Just the thought of death is so final, so over.  There are many kinds of deaths.  One of the most challenging forms of death is the death of a relationship. Whether there is a friend, a romantic situation, a marriage or even a split in a family relationship, the death of a relationship is like a living death.  These types of deaths are the most difficult deaths of relationships to overcome.

When there is a physical death, you know where the remains of the person or persons are … in the plot, in the cemetery, in the crypt.  However, when it is the death of a relationship that you didn’t want to be end, but the other person does, the hurt cuts to the core of your being. How can you grieve for someone who is still alive but does not want to be a part of your life anymore?  If you hang on to the death of a relationship, you could hang on for years, while the other person has moved on. This can affect your health, wellbeing and your life.  It can also “color” your other relationships.

When you hang on to the “living death” relationship, you can become bitter.  You have to ask your Self, is it worth my life.  You can’t bring back a relationship that is over.  You also do not want to try and re-create this relationship.  This can happen many times over and over again.  The person may appear to be different but the profile may be the same.

To heal the living death situation, you have to be willing to see your part of the relationship.  Look at why you got into the situation or situations without judging your Self.  Maybe this living death relationship can be the best learning experience of your life, if you look at it from all perspectives.  Detaching from the emotional aspect of the living dearth is the correct step in discovering why you are still hanging onto a relationship that did not serve you anyway.

Perhaps this living death relationship is the catalyst to heal some deep seeded issue that could not have been healed unless you let it go.  Hanging on to something that is “dead” keeps you from living your own life.  Look at this experience as just that… an experience. Though emotionally and physically challenging, you will come out stronger and wiser.

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