Part 3:

It is your emotions and your emotional attachments to the past, as right and wrong, good and bad, tit for tat, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, winner, loser, conqueror and conquered, etc, etc, etc,  that keeps these Programs for Sale or Rent on the market.  Take down the signs!  It is location, location, location.  What do you require, desire and deserve as your reality, the nightmare or the dream? You are the one who takes down the sign.  You are the one who signs up for your Self.  Clear consciousness is the real sign!  So, sign up for your real Self for your real life. Existing in the programs or writing your life through clear conscious choices in charge of your reality and making it happen. 

When there is no needy/wanty for manipulating others or having others manipulating anyone, is this not a place to begin creating a real New Earth? Imagine unlocking and unleashing the potential and possibilities of everyone’s clear creativity into the probabilities of realities for health and wealth that work for everyone.  Letting go of the old programs is a challenge.  They have been embedded in the cellular structure of your cells and DNA since the beginning.  Oh Well.  Time for great changes.  This all begins with you and you and you and all the “you’s” who are willing to see it differently, willing to be a paradigm shifter, willing to create, implement and manifest the New Earth. 

There is no time like the present to shut down your computer brain programs, use your brain as a tool by merging into your heart.  Your heart is the highest vibrational field of consciousness in your body.  Your cells are your intelligence and intellect from your cellular memory.  Use this infinite intelligence and intellect to not repeat the past. Focus your vibrational intelligence of your heart to be in command of your new creativity. 

You are the power to instigate the changes.  It begins with you.  As you expand your vibration, those around you will feel it. They can’t think it. As you feel more confident, your confidence is felt by others without being intimidated.  They feel and see the difference without judgment. Be the clear conscious heart infectious person that infects the heart of others.  One person at time, until this new group of Conscious Creators implements and manifests this New World.  Out with the old and in with Newness.

Release and relinquish the bondage of your emotional attachment to the past(s). Dissolve them. The past can not be changed.  The past is one second ago.  The frequency of unconditional love is THE vibration that lights up the darkness with facts. Now the future can be changed, and it is one second from now.  The Choice is: Same old past, same old world or New future, new Earth! 

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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