Part 2:

Karma, Lessons and Re-Incarnation are just the re-manufactured re-manifestations of the manipulator leader and the manipulated followers rehashing the same business.  Isn’t the terminology…killed or be killed or an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth….it is the same.  You are the killer or the killed.  You are the eye and the tooth.  From which side of your mouth are you mouthing the Programs.  Talk is cheap and so harmful when you are full of harmful fear.  You play the fear forward and fear reigns.

You don’t have to be killed in an actual war.  You can exist in a long debilitating process of illness to your death.   Why?  Because there is a perceptional program of your Biology.  If your family has it, you have it.  If your gene pool says this is who you are, then it is who you are!  NOT!  The message of this article, is about you being willing to understand and comprehend that you do not have to be a product of someone else’s idea of you. 

Through the data and the statistics of medical and scientific research, you are provided with the information that can assist you to be clear by making non-emotional choices of what and how you can be healthier; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Whether your issues are about your health or your wealth, they are the same issues.  The bottom line of your health and your wealth are predicated on your consciousness. When you are running Pre-Packaged Programs bought and paid by you throughout your continuum, you continue to live up to the expected limited outcomes set for you by the limitations of these conditionings. 

These words of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial are all one and the same words.  They may appear different, sound different and appear to bring up different issues, they are not different.  They are simply expressions of your consciousness, whether you are aware of what is happening at your cellular level of awareness or not.  You are consciousness. If your consciousness is not clear, and you are still living your life based upon your emotional attachments to the right and wrong of your past experiences, you are not clear.

When, and the when is up to you,  you must be willing as the non-emotional observer (NEO) to see and acknowledge how your consciousness through these limited Belief Systems, in fact, impact and influence your life on a daily basis.  Duality is for all intents and purposes, whether you want to believe it or not, has a focused purpose to all of it.  To keep you limited and in the recycling bin of your easily manipulated Childish Adult Ego’s computer/brain is to keep you buying and renting the Duality Programs.  When you give up your power to the controller, you become the energy source upon which you feed the dynamics of this limiting system.  Being the supply for this food of Duality Consciousness is to perpetuate dynamics for this continuing continuous continuum of Judgment, Lack and Take-Away of Karma, Lessons and Reincarnation.  So above, so below, so the past, so the future above and below! It is all the same.

Sherry Anshara

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