Part 1:

What is darkness?  Is it the absence of light?  No, not really.  Darkness is not the absence of light.  It is the absence of information.  This is what fear is…lack of information and clear facts.  Fear is emotional, usually predicated on a Belief System that is limiting and binding.  Darkness/fear is ignorance.  What is ignorance?  Ignoring, closing your eyes, blinded by Belief Systems to disregard, discount and pretend that perceptions are facts!  Perceptions are not factual.  They are emotional attachments consistent with wanting limiting Belief System to be true. 

Emotional attachments are the products of the Childish Adult Ego tightly holding onto the perceptions of Belief Systems without allowing your Self to seek out more information. The fear of not being right, the fear of being wrong is darkness at its most debilitating demonstration.  Darkness is excessive ignorance at its worst controlling and manipulative expression. Darkness is exhausting.  Darkness is stagnation.

Darkness is a physical energy field of blinding fear.  When the fear is so great, unreal things happen.  Holocausts of prejudice meaningless expressed as genocide, murder, abuse in every form, control, manipulation make no sense.  How many individuals and groups have been the objects of these comatose illusional Belief System, illusional realities through the history of this planet Earth implemented by one man or one group.  This absolutely makes no sense. Yet it occurs era after era. 

Whether it was the Romans crucifying their selected enemies, Genghis Khan leading his hordes, conned into doing his bidding, Tamerlane, the Mongol murderer, beheading his so-called adversaries,  Hitler mesmerizing the Germans dangling the carrot of the perfect race, the Tuol Sleng Genocide in Cambodia, the Native American killing fields, the current drive by gang violence, the wars of the eras, they are all massacres through the human experiences. The names change, the faces change, the costumes change, the time period changes, and yet there is no change. 

The manipulation is still the same.  There is only room for the conquers and there is only room or box created for the conquered… obey or die or both.  There are no choices, only decision made for them by the reigning elite.  What’s the difference, you ask?  There is no real difference.  Only a change of venue for the moment, however long that lasts for the conquers to “win”, only to lose!  Why because it is time for another group to step up to the stage, bring their script for the cast to follow,  costume changes, locations change, but the stage is set the same way.  The system still works the same. Duality! The same Program for Sale or Rent!

The behaviors stay the same.  Someone is the leader, the some-ones are lead around in these heinous For Sale or Rent Programs.  The question is not about how do these leaders lead?  The question is how do they get so many to follow, even when it costs the followers their lives?  That’s the question to ask. 

The Childish Adult Ego regardless of race, color or creed, is so easily led around by the Programs for Sale or Rent because of the fear fullness of not belonging.  The leaders know full well how easy it is to enlist their followers. They use that sense of belonging, the illogical sense of being a part of the group.  There is a bumper sticker that was around in the early 90’s that was so thought provoking… “When the followers lead, the leaders will follow.”  Sounds good, don’t you think so? 

How can you follow your own dream and turn it to your own reality if you are still being lead around by the Marketing Department of a particular group’s collective consciousness, focused on manipulating your collective consciousness called you and your body. Business 101… it is a numbers game.  Manipulators needy-wanty the followers!  The leaders can’t lead unless the followers follow to do their bidding.

Are you taking the bid?  Is this what you require to bid your life on Belief Systems that do not serve you and your life to disconnect you from your own power?

The illusion looks like that to belong to a collective group that puts down, hurts, kills, enslaves another group give them power.  Look again.  The scene changes so fast.  The illusional empowered group in a split second of time looses their illusional power so easily. Why because another charismatic leader with the core supporters comes forward and sway the followers.  They count on the follows to be swayed. This is the dynamics of using their manipulating consciousness to shift the energy field of the followers to establish their positioning for the leadership!  Get on board!

How simple, how easy to be a follower.  How challenging for the manipulators, when, not if, the followers begin to see their own Selves, their bodies and their lives as sovereign in their own individual rights.  The perspective here, not the perceptions, is that everyone must clear out and delete the old Duality Programs of Judgment, Lack and Take-Away that have been Sold and Rented throughout the history of this Earth.  A new Earth can not be created until the Old Programs are deleted from the computer brains.  When you are ready, committed to healing your emotional issues of the past, ready to stand in your clear power, committed to being the Non-Emotional Observer, In Charge of your Life and to Create Newness, then Duality ceases to exist.  Wow!  It can happen.

Sherry Anshara

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