So many times, along your journey you find yourself repeating patterns and behaviors. In this emotional roller coaster, you “think” you have disappointed yourself again.  Underneath that disappointment is a foundation of consciousness that said you “did something wrong”.  The truth is, you really didn’t do anything wrong. You might have just missed the point of the experience(s).

It is said that the Earth is the place that you have come to learn your lessons or overcome your Karma.  In this venue of school-house Karma you may have indeed frequently repeated your lessons.  Accepting this reality immediately sets you up for the repetitive cycle of Karmic lessons.  The concept of Karma is based on failure. You unconsciously continue to repeat the failure-lessons. You haven’t failed! You unconsciously missed an opportunity to let-go of the repetitive Karmic lesson(s).

So how do we let-go of the Karmic school-house lessons and move to the next grade?  In Quantum Physics there is a “String Theory”.  The premise of this theory is that everything, including you, is constructed of strings or bands of energy.  These bands require a power source for physical manifestation.  Your internal energy field is that propulsion mechanism, or power source, that activates your strings of energy.  Your strings of energy are propelled through the consciousness of your creativity.  What that means is that you create everything, everyone and every situation in your life through the use of your energy.  When your strings are attached to a past that no longer serves you, you are bound to the same old, same old happening in your life.  Until you break the strings of your repeated history, the past, present and future, are all versions of the same thing.

Here is the key.  When you become the “observer” of your life and stop judging your experiences as either right or wrong, you begin to cut the energetic strings and bands of consciousness that once bound you to your past. As the observer you see the perfection of how and why you create these experiences.  You now have the opportunity to “get” the lesson(s) and pass the “test(s)” created by you in the first place and at last release your Karmic attachment(s) to the past.

Remind yourself daily that you have choices and options.  You are not a puppet controlled by strings that bind you to the past.  Play with your energy and begin to manifest your life in creative and fun ways that serve you and which promote spiritual growth instead of holding you back.  Step out of the way and detach from the past.  The time is now.  You have the resources within you to make it happen, with only a shift in awareness.  Once the shift is made, enjoy the new direction your life will take!   One without the emotional ups and downs!!! This ride is Self-created by you and much more fun than the old one was!

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach

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