Your Heart Chakra is the highest resonance of your vibrational field in your body.  This is the best place to produce your life.  Using this tremendous, unlimited field of consciousness, your Heart supports you to create a heartfelt life with very little efforts.  However, if you are holding fear in your Heart, the fear lowers the frequency and your vibrational ability to “put your Heart” into your life and create with purpose. This lower frequency of fear will limit your capacity to produce the positive results you are seeking through your creativity.  Not only are your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual issues challenged, so is your ability to bring prosperity and money into your life. This is a big one!!!

Fear is the heavy-weight, the burden that suppresses and limits your capacity to keep your level of energy up to live life to the fullest.  Fear is an energy drainer.  Fear also stops you from realizing your potentials by blocking your natural abilities to be a conscious creator.

Your Heart is the only place to start. Your Heart is your main powerful tool.  Your Heart is your call to action.  Don’t stop your action or all you will get is the same old re-actions… the recycled behaviors of fear.  Boring!

Look at the physicality of your Heart Chakra… it houses your chest, breast, arms, hands, upper back, sternum, lungs, bronchi, trachea, esophagus, all the musculature, glands, etc. in your chest cavity and upper extremities.  When you are disconnected from your Heart, you are disconnected from your Self-power.  And it becomes a challenge to put your Heart into your life.  When this happens, your computer/brain leads the way.  Your creativity is suppressed. You can get sick in any of these areas of your Heart that will be diagnosed as an illness, disease, or dysfunction. Consider what you are doing to your  Self.

When you are connected to your Heart, the potentials and possibilities of your unlimited capacity to create your life now gives you the power.  Instead of hoping, wishing, wanting, and needing for something to happen, you make your life happen.  The potentials and possibilities become what they are supposed to be… your unlimited potentials being actualized.  Creativity is unlimited.  Creating through your Heart is your unlimited, unrestricted field of power.

Every time you go into fear, you restrict your potentials and possibilities. When you restrict your Heart’s desires, you are restricting and limiting your life.  You stop your own abilities.  This is when the Belief Systems of limitation, consciously or unconsciously, override you from being the unlimited creator of your life.  Stay in your

Heart and watch what happens to your life.  You are the happening who makes your life happen!

“Your heart is the highest resonance which creates the vibrational field in your body.  If judgment is in your heart, than all your heart can vibrate is judgment of Self and others.  Resonace Unconditonal Acceptance which is real love.” 

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