Every moment is an opportunity to create your reality as you choose your reality to be.  Being in your power through your female creativity, inspiration, guidance and intuition allows your male manifesting side to release the programmed fear programs of force. Creating through force only manifests control and manipulation.  Not very shocking when you comprehend that your male side is your man-i-festing “man”/male as the prefix of “man”ipulation. 

See this chart:            

                                    Female – Left side of your Body – Creating

                                    Male     – Right side of your Body – Manifesting

                                    Child     – Solar Plexus                   – Implementing

Your body is Consciousness, whether you are clear or not.  Your body is the container in this lifetime or any lifetime, which provides you with this vehicle, your body, to experience the physicality of this Third Dimensional World of Earth called Duality.  Why it is set up this way, or who set it up, has no importance anymore.

What has importance is that you understand and completely comprehend at your cellular level of consciousness…how you, your consciousness, your body and the Duality Programs of Judgment, Lack and Take-Away work. 

Regardless of whether you are clear about who you are or how your consciousness works, you are your consciousness!  Many of us are not clear, and we end up experiencing throughout our continuum the continued patterns of limited Belief Systems of recycled, limited versions of our Selves in this lifetime or lifetime after lifetime.  The time frame of your life is not the issue.  The frame of time in which you create your life is NOW THE BIG IMPORTANCE!

Throughout life on this planet, through ion after ion, era after era, lifetime after life, the masses have been here to support the very elite.  The marketing departments, from the boardrooms of the ruling privileged, the masses, regardless of their “stations” in life have been taught, programmed, brainwashed to exist for the very “special” few.   Not so special you will see, when you get clear.  Especially when you comprehend that your life belongs to you.  You do not have to be a product of the marketing department of some charter group who determines who you are what, what you do and what station in life is where you belong.

Every cell of your body is your intelligence and intellect.  Your brain is your computer which “computes” the programs and you and your body get stuck together in the programs.  Consequently you “re-live” the programs of karma, lessons and reincarnation throughout your continuum.  Nothing changes, only the stage, the appearance of your role, the costumes and what appears to be a different time frame.  Nonetheless the Programs for Sale or Rent are basically the same.

Now back to how your body of consciousness works.

In the beginning there was nothing.  A spark of light (information) is formulating.

Your Female Creative side is getting an idea.  This is creation, from nothingness to somethingness. Your Body of consciousness, with your fearless perfect Child within, begins to implement this idea of creativity.  The implementing aspect of you begins to put the formula together, getting together the data, the facts, the sources and resources to make your idea happen.  When this is all together, it requires to come into the physical world as a product.  What the product is, is not the issue right now, what is the issue is to comprehend how your consciousness and your body work together to make “it” happen, what the “it” is.  After all the resources are in alignment with the consciousness of your idea, then your male side steps up to the plate and gets the job done.  Your idea becomes physical.  The products doesn’t magically or mystically appear, there is a process. You are the physical process:

You had an idea, you formulated it by finding the “outside” resources to implement your idea and then clearly with intent you produce the manufactured product of your idea!  This simply occurs on a continuing continuous continuum.  It is not supposed to stop.  This is the beauty of creation, implementation and manifesting.  This is CREATION!  This is making it HAPPEN.  This is bringing it into the PHYSICAL.  The time frame is up to you.  YOU OWN TIME.  Time does not own you, except if you are stuck in the Programs for Sale or Rent scenarios.

The complexity for stopping this progressive process is to cement your Self in the limited programs of Judgment, Lack and Take-Away.   When you continually Judge your Self that you Lack the capacity to create your Life as you choose it, you Take-Away your life day after day! This sucks!  Karma, Lessons, and Pre-Packaged Programs for Sale and Rent have got to go!  Unless you think there, are no other choices?  Be clear to your Self.  The Programs for Sale or Rent for a limited “run” on your stage of life is up to you.  You are the script writer, the producer, the director, the casting agent, the music, in sync or not, and you determine the life of the “run”, trauma drama or a clear Conscious Creator in charge of your life. These are your options, re-runs or newness!

This is how your consciousness works physically, mentally, emotional, spiritually and financially.  This is not rocket science.  This is how you works!  If your reality is based upon limited perceptions, limited views of your Self, limited ideas of your actuality, then your authentic Self is being projected as a limited version of you.   This is why “living your authentic Self’ through limited perceptions of your Self, is absurdity to the max.  You live an illusional authentic self in a very small space of consciousness.

You absolutely do not have to see your Self, live your reality encompassed in a small frame of a reference point known as a limited authentic Self.  Let go of this delusion. The quicker you cut the ties to this dysfunctional silliness the better your journey.

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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