Boy, how funny and ridiculous the thought of “conscious constipation”!  What the heck is this?  Conscious constipation is when you know, without doubt, you absolutely understand, you absolutely get “it”, you absolutely absolutely… and the mystery of all mysteries, you hang on to the emotional upheavals, the trauma dramas, staying stuck in Self-abusive patterns, dysfunctional relationships, including the one with your Self and tell your stories of your past issues over and over again.  This is the perfect of the perfect conscious constipation…holding on tightly to all the old S _ _ _!  Yet, you so know the “it” of the “S _ _ _ is so debilitating.

STOP!  Take a reality enema!  What the heck has so much hold on you to hold on in your body, your intestinal track…all the Bull S_ _ _ that has you stuck in the muck!  Look at the diagnosis of abdominal issues.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome is called. I.B.S!  Is this a metaphor for your body telling you something?  Did you know that your abdomen, your intestinal track is where you hold onto past issues that you refuse to eliminate from your life?  Refuse (denial to let go) or refuse (garbage of the past) to let go of what no longer is viable in your life.

Blockages of any kind in the abdominal area of your body are telling you… “Hello up there in your computer/brain!”  Are you hanging on, not eliminating the B.S, and making the B.S. more important than you are?  Yech!  This is your waste management system that you are not managing very well.  

You can take all the medication, medicinal your Self with pink stuff until your intestinal track hardens, or… the option is to “let go” of the emotional pain of the past.  Or you can hang on, continue to impact your Self and stuff more emotional past stuff into your abdomen until the worst-case scenario, your intestinal track is so impacted by your emotional attachments, you actually become full of S _ _ _!  Not so fun!

Let go, give “it” up, whatever the it is!  Release, give your Self a natural enema!  Stop hanging on to old B.S.  Release your Self of all those past events, situations, relationships that are no longer viable.  Stop stuffing the past emotional issues into your abdomen.  They are making you sick.  Don’t B.S. your self any longer.  Stop the conscious constipation.  Get clear, nurture your Self.  Eat correctly for your body, stop stuffing junk food into your intestinal track and expect to nourish your Body, your Self!  

Cut the crap out of your life.  You so deserve to have a healthy happy life.  Begin with Happy Health Cells by nourishing your Self, eating food that nourishes your cells, your body, and you!  No more B.S.  No more hanging onto the stuff that you stuffed down.

Give your Self a clear consciousness enema by staying out of limited Belief Systems.  Make your mantra, no more B.S.  Clear the fears out of your Body.

Create happy healthy supportive Self-talk that supports your Happy Healthy Cells.

Believe in your Self.  Believing in your Self overcomes the fears, dissolves the B.S.

Now get on with fun in your life.  That’s no B.S. !  Believing is being conscious. 

“Pulling your head out of your First Chakra is the first step in “seeing” how limited the B.S. Programs are!!!!”

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