The minute the sperm hits the egg, you are in!!!  Sometimes the womb with a view doesn’t always have a good view. Consciousness, Belief Systems and language begin at the cellular level of you as the fetus!  Where your mother and father are consciously is where you begin your journey on your path.

If your mother, father or parents are not connected to themselves or each other, you will have issues connecting with your Self and others. This is how disconnection happens right from the beginning of your life.  This may be a huge challenge for you and become an ongoing issue for you.  However, by working through your issues at your cellular level, you can overcome any emotional challenge that prevents you from living your life to the fullest.

Reflecting back throughout your life from infancy to the present moment, as the non-emotional observer, take a look at the words, language and vocabulary of your parents and your family.  Does the vocabulary, or the Wordology of your family dwell on negativity?  Were you negated instead of supported as a person, during the ages and stages of life by the vocabulary that your family spoke?  Negative language does not have anything to do with ethnic background.  Negative language has to do with the level of consciousness.  Did you grow up in a family of negative consciousness and Belief Systems? 

Did words like… “why aren’t you like your sister (or brother)?”… “where did you come from?”…”children are to be seen and not heard!”… “who do you take after?:…  “you were an accident!… “we weren’t planning on any  more children!”   Are you getting the point?  These words cut to the core of your emotional and physical stability.  These types of words affect and influence you all throughout your life. 

They affect your relationships.  Within your core, as self survival, you learn to go into a protective or defensive mode, always seeking validation outside of your Self.  This core validation can put you into relationship jeopardy.  You get into patterns of always seeking outside approval, always wanting and needing to be approved, expressing desperation behavior patterns in relationships, always explaining your Self and never feeling confident about your Self. This desperation can trigger very dysfunctional relationships, which really beings with your own core dysfunctional self relationship of doubting and not trusting your Self. 

Understanding how deeply language affects everyone from the core cellular level of consciousness, without hooking into the emotional affect of the trauma of the negative patterns of Wordology is your Biology, you truly can begin to heal within your Self any and all negative language patterns that began even from the womb.  What your parents said to each other, how they treated each other and how they did or did not connect with you when you were first conceived, affects you and your life from the very beginning of you.

You can’t change anything about the Wordology of your past or what happened as a result of negative language patterns in which were embedded.  You can recognize and let go of the negativity associated with the words.  You do not have to continue to be affected by negative Wordology stuck in your Cellular Memory.  You don’t have to be a self fulfilling prophecy of someone’s else low standards. 

You can be the self fulfilling prophecy of positive, affirming and productive personal Wordology that supports you to live a healthy, fulfilled life.  Use words that have meaning to you.  Delete mean words that don’t have any meaning to your life.  Delete words that belong to someone else’s negative Belief System of themselves.  Don’t take on any words, language or vocabulary that negate you in any way, shape or form.

Sticks and stones may break your bones but they will heal.  Yet words will last for a lifetime and can be very harmful for a lifetime.  Eliminate the negative.  Embrace the positive.  Speak well of your Self.  Support your Self with empowering language.  Wordology is your Biology.  Use the words, language and vocabulary that speak for you!

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