There is considerable research being done around the world about the connection between consciousness and energy.  Two great examples of this are the books by experts Dr. Bruce Lipton in the Biology of Beliefs and physicist Dr. Thomas Campbell’s The Theory of Everything or My Big Toe.  Both talk extensively about this connection. Dr. Michio Kaku, a leading international astrophysicist, also talks about it on the major television channels. The question is what is this connection of consciousness, energy, mind and body?  And how does it work? But most importantly what does it mean for you?

At the Anshara Center clients learn how their consciousness is their full clear awareness of their experiences.  They learn how energy is the movement or non-movement of what they know. In other words, when they are fully aware of what they know, their bodies know what to do.  Their consciousness and energy are in alignment with their minds and bodies. For instance, when a client is learning something new in his or her life, e.g. a new job, a new method, a new something, he/she understands that with proper training and focused practice, the consciousness and energy of the body comes into an alignment.  Optimal results are achieved when the connection is made. 

When they are not sure and not connected, they get stuck. This simply means their energy is stuck, they become insecure, and energy does not flow as well. They can become ill, depressed, anxious, etc.  When they get connected to their bodies, use what they learned and apply the information in real time practical applications their lives flow much easier. Research scientists, including the medical community are now realizing that these valuable learned experiences become the Cellular Memory of the body. The value of this Cellular Memory, when used beneficially, makes life easier and more productive. This is how the connection works.

As someone learns and practices how to play music, dance and work-out, or how to drive a car, study a new subject, learn a new job, get into business, etc., the person is literally memorizing into his or her cells, the experiences. The intelligence of the body now knows what to do. There is a clear consciousness to the knowledge and the implementation of the knowledge. The person is secure and confident without fears.  The person is doing the “it’ automatically. This is practical applications of consciousness, energy, body and mind working together. The person and his or her body knows what to do.

Successful professionals regardless of their occupation are perfect examples of this connection. Through focused experience and implementation, they have learned and memorized their skills at their cellular level with successful results. This principle applies to any age or stage of life. Assisting them and guiding them to their own clear consciousness is the key to their successes.  How they apply this access to their Cellular Memory in real time and practical terms is what makes the difference between their success or lack of it.

When they understand and comprehend how to use their information without any fears or emotional attachments to their past negative experiences, the outcome happens as a result of this connection to their clear cellular consciousness..  With over 30 years of experience working with clients, regardless of their backgrounds, professions or personal lives, assisting them to understand this personal connection within themselves makes all the difference in their world and their successes.

The method is the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing.  In Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics being the observer is what creates a change or shift in consciousness.  The Anshara Method teaches how to become the Non-Emotional Observer (NEO), a Conscious Creator, to be in charge of your life and your body and create from clear consciousness. The emotional charge of the past will no longer have the negative effects or influences in your life.  You become clearly aware, of how to make and create clear choices for your life, relationships, health and economics. 

Even in these unsure times, you will be sure about yourself.  You will be detached and connected at the same time. You will realize that beforehand you had been disconnected from yourself. Now, through the Anshara Method you are able to be connected from your clear consciousness using your energy field to be in charge of your life and create the life as you choose. Does that mean that what is going on in the world does not have an influence on you?  What it means is you will not get as emotionally “charged” or challenged.  You are able to have more balance even if the environment is completely topsy-turvy.

Real success begins with this deep inner connection to Self.  By making a conscious commitment to be the director of their energy, our clients do have a deep desire to use this accessible knowledge to be a part of something even bigger, while maintaining their own unique individuality. Therefore, using this consciousness and energy connection with the mind and body working together from an inner commitment of contribution, success and confidence happens naturally. This principle applies to everyone. Most everyone has a desire to be both unique and yet a part of something bigger in life. You are an integral part of a family, a team, a business, a company, a group.

Clear successes come from the practical application of one’s conscious experiences and knowledge, being the director of one’s own energy and using one’s own personal body/mind connection with the benefits of a healthy productive life.  From that deep inner Self awareness of connection, success is the result. Be your own personal zone to achieve what you desire.

The Anshara Method is taught to our clients from different backgrounds, ages or professions and walks of life, as the 40-hour Intuitive Powers/Practical Applications I Course. This course is the groundbreaking consciousness shift that initiates this connection of consciousness, energy, body and mind in real time terms.

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