Why does your body have so much information in it? Look at your physical body from an observing perspective:

Spaces of consciousness:

A. Male
B. Female
C. Childish Adult Ego
D. Child Within
E. Spirit
F. Soul
G. Divine Mind – Higher Self
H. Computer Brain – Lower Self
I. Physical Systems, ie: Organs, Nervous, Circulatory, etc.
J. Higher Self
K. Chakra Systems – 7 and 13
L. Polarity – Negative – Positive
M. In body
N. Out of body
O. Etheric body
P. Dead body?

Isn’t it ridiculous that your body has been so segmented into mini me’s of you. You have been divided into so many parts of self, no wonder the parts of you have such a difficult time connecting with each other. Why? Because the underlying consciousness is that you have been taught to be disconnected from all the aspects of your Self.

Many of the religious Belief Systems perpetuate the myths that you won’t be whole until you die. If that were the truth… then “why” in the re-incarnation, Karma, and lessons programs do you have to return to earth from heaven… something is “up” here? And that something isn’t you because you are “downed” on a return engagement to engage in the “just didn’t quite get it” program of the recycle bin/repeat performance gig on the same, different backdrop, stage, different lifetime, same old stuff.

From this vantage point, how could you “pull your Self together”? No wonder you have to retrieve your soul, your male and female have to “duke” it out with each other, your Childish Adult Ego (CAE) has to exist in the survival mode, your wondrous Child Within has to wait around for ions, centuries and years in this lifetime waiting for the CAE to grow up. Your body is stressed trying to get your attention through pain, illness and disease to override your computer brain that is running all the programs.

This is called living? Why? What is my life all about? You can not change the “what” of the issue or problems until you get to the “why”, the core cause of dysfunction. Therefore “why me?” is very appropriate. As a result of the separation and divisions of your consciousness, you struggle through all these disconnections of your Self. How can you even attempt to explain to your Self about being whole, when the sum of your parts is disconnected from each other? How can you “put your Self together”?

It is no wonder that you can’t figure out what’s going on in your life. There is no wonder in wondering what’s going on. It is no wonder it is madness. What is more of a wonder is that through the Karma, Lessons and Re-incarnation Programs, you are left wondering in the dust (death) what the hell happened along your divided path. What the hell is “up” with heaven, if you have to keep coming back with the same issues. It doesn’t make any sense and it is not sensible or even practical.

The Path of least resistance? The Path of most resistance? The one Path! The only Path! The Path! They are all the same Path. Please view the illustration of the One Path, Many Pathways of this concept of the Tree of Life. You are the Tree, the branches, the leaves, the legacy you give your Self and what you “leave” behind when your Duality Path is completed this time around. What you don’t clear, you simply go around again. Get off the Duality not so merry-go-round. The key to the completion of your Path is being Conscious and living Consciously for your Self. Then you are in the Now and in charge of your Path, you create your Path and you comprehend you are the Path. You path is what you choose.

For your Self is the Path.