A common thread between everyone is the “needy-wanty” to have trauma dramas in their lives.  These trauma dramas give the explanations for the excuses, the venues, the situations (sit-u-at-your ion/cellular level), the “reasons” for getting involved in the “big” issue or continuing repetitive patterns of someone else’s life.  The commotions of the emotions provide the perfect validation situation to support you in being the expert on someone else’s life.  You then can have the answer, the way in or the way out, the perfection solution to validate your “needy-wanty” to enable the other person or persons, even if they are different people.  The platform is the same.

 In the commotions of the emotions, you are given “ripe” venues to do the Take-Away the power of someone else by enabling them in the Savior Program.  Supporting someone, assisting someone is NOT the same as enabling the person or persons.  The difference is humongous.  Enabling is not supportive.  Enabling is taking-away power.  Enabling is victimizing.  Enabling is NOT advantageous to anyone in the mix, especially you.  There are no advantages to the Enabling Program.  You can’t save anyone.  That is not your job. 

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