There are so many ideas or concepts attached to the idea of channeling. In past history there were prophets who imparted wisdom from the “heavens”, giving or “channeling” information to the people. Hmmm… not always sure if it was profitable for those being given the information, but then again maybe it was. Or maybe the “they” didn’t apply the wisdom.

The person who is “channeling” can not always count on the audience’s participation either at the time of the imparted wisdom or after they move on in life.

Then there is surfing all the channelings that are on TV. Many people get hooked on the trauma dramas that are being channeled from ghost-busting to unbelievable reality shows.

Looking at these TV productions…do they have a “channeled” affect and effect on the reality of your life? Do you know that when you spend time watching these trauma dramas that they may be taking valuable time, creativity and productivity from your own life? Or it may cause you to ponder that these “channels” of reality TV programs are influencing your life unconsciously without being fully aware of the drain on your own energy of your body. All this channeling may be producing strain and drain on your life. The question to ask your Self is… “Are these production realities worth taking up my time when I could be creating my own real realities?

Have you ever considered that when you repeat an emotional behavioral pattern in your life…a do-over trauma drama, a repeated relationship with a different name, and/or a re-cycled illness…that perhaps, just perhaps you are “channeling” your Self about your Self from your past? This is not about past lives. This is about re-channeling your past in your current time! Repeated patterns, repeated relationships, repeated cycles of behaviors are, in fact, channeling your Self.

From a non-emotional perspective, instead of an emotional re-action those hooks to the past, look through your experiences of your past and your current life. If there are similarities in what you are doing, similar not-so-supportive people in your life or you are stuck in the language of your trauma-driven story or stories, you are channeling your Self. Amazing isn’t it?

Before you move forward in your life…for the next five minutes…step back, reflect, listen deeper to your Self and ask the Big Self Questions:

Am I channeling my Self?

Am I channeling my past?

Am I having the same channeled words I used before that didn’t support me effectively and productively?

Am I channeling someone else’s idea of who I am?

 With this view of channeling now, are you ready to take charge of your life and be the positive, influential and productive channel for your Self?

Channels outside of you may have valuable information, but YOU have the most valuable information in your world. Your knowledge and your experiences inside your body is the Best Channel in the world and the Universe. The Channel is You!

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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