You body has so much to tell you…why don’t you listen!

Your cells remember everything about you.  In fact, your cells know everything about you…everything you have ever done, ever said, everything that has been said to you, all your secrets, all your hidden agendas, all your aspirations, all your dreams and – most of all – your cells know your fears.  Your cells contain every experience of you in your time continuum, your past, your present and your future.  Your cells are your infinite intelligence and intelligence; not your brain!!!

So just imagine for a moment that you can talk to your cells.  What would you ask your cells about yourself?  What would you like to know about yourself?  And what would you do with the information?

Ever wonder why the body has pain?  The pain is symptomatic not only of blocked energy, but blocked consciousness. Your cells are trying to communicate with you, to get your attention.  When you embrace the “I am tough; I can take it program” and ignore the pain signals until sometimes it is almost too late for the cells and body to recover. So pay attention the next time an unexplained pain is occurring in your body.  Listen to what your cells are telling you.  What is the message of the pain…your body is communicating with you.  So listen!