There is so much research on why you get sick?  The Blame Game of this product, that thing, that person, this or that is what is the cause of making you sick can just turn out to be the Be-Lame Game.  You start looking outside of your Self for the reasons or the unreasonable reasons that you get sick.  The Belief Systems surrounding illness and disease is always an outside cause.  Now don’t start judging that it can only be the “outside’ source that is making you sick.  Perhaps there are more unreasonable reasons that you are getting sick, diagnosed with this disease or that physical problem.

Maybe just maybe, some of the unreasonable reasons you are getting sick is that you have some unconscious Belief Systems that are running around your cellular experiences telling you… “that you are not smart enough to do anything”, “you can’t do it”, you don’t have what it takes”, you are not very creative”, all those blah, blah, blahs that you picked up from early childhood.  Even when you are not fully aware of these things, sometimes you are, these old, moldy Belief Systems drain your energy. These old harmful, unconscious Belief Systems, not only drain your energy, but they drain your capacity to live a full rich life.

If you grew up as a “born sinner”, not deserving to have your dream, all that negative B.S., your body is then physically impacted.  Through these embedded limiting Belief Systems, you will even say you are “sick at heart”, sick and tired or just plain sick of life.

The more you say these statements to your Self, the healthy cells in your body begin to break down.  Next thing you know it, you are ill.  Illness doesn’t happen from the outside.  Illness and disease begins at your core that is infected by these negative, down trodden Belief Systems.

Maybe it is time to take a look at your Belief Systems.  If your Belief Systems make you feel sick when you say them, then this is the big clue that your body is not in alignment with them.  Trust your heart and your intuition.  If limited Belief Systems rattle the harmony in your body, at some point in time, not matter how long it takes, your body will get sick, diseased and illness will cause your healthy cells to become unhealthy.

It is not when you are diagnosed with an illness or disease, the question to ask your Self is when did it start?  Did it start with a limited Belief System that if your family or parents have a condition that you will get it?  Is it a myth that if your genetics say you will get it, you will?  The Truth is you are a sovereign being.  You don’t have to make your self sick.  When you take care of your Self consciously, provide your Self with positive Self-Talk and eat properly for your body, trust your intuition and live through your heart, then there is no reasonable reason to get sick or diseased.  Don’t let your Belief Systems make you Sick.  Believe in your Self.

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