Did you ever consider that living in limited Belief Systems are toxic to your body and they can make you sick? Reflect back on your life without the emotional attachments to the “what happened” and review the circumstances as if you are watching a movie.  Can you see when an opportunity presented itself? Because of your limited Belief Systems, did you not take the necessary action to embrace the opportunity?  You waited around, thinky thinking about the opportunity and wasted valuable time not taking action.

What happened?  Simple the timing of the opportunity passed you by.  Do you have regrets or sadness?  Do you beat your Self up thinky thinking that things would have been different had you taken action?  What’s the point of beating your Self?  The past is the past, can’t change it.  However you can begin to look at the Belief Systems you are carrying around in your body and asked your Self… “What’s the point of limiting my Self?”

When you do this non-emotional reflection, where in your body, do you feel the regret, the sadness or the experience of beating your Self up?  Is it in your abdomen, which may have culminated into Irritable Bowel Syndrome?  Is this the core of what made you sick?  Do you feel this sadness of a lost opportunity in your heart?  Are you sick at heart? Did your body manifest a heart condition?  Or has your heart just been conditioned to get sick, because you feel sick and regretful about what happened?

When your emotional body is continually processing unconsciously and even somewhat consciously, the same old regrets week after week, month after month, year after year, the physicality of your body gets sick. This is what happens.  Sick emotions create a sick body. Illness, disease, sickness begin somewhere in your body.  Where ever you are  processing and reprocessing the limited Belief System is where your body gets sick.

Here are some perfect examples of limited Belief Systems

I am:

*          Not good enough

*          Not smart enough

*          Less than

*          A loser

*          etc, etc, etc.

You get the point!

If you look at your Belief Systems as the empowered Non-Emotional Observer, you may surprise your Self.  You may see a correlation between your limited Belief Systems, the B.S. Program to your physical conditions.  Get a perspective by sticking to the facts and don’t get involved in the emotional turmoil. Isn’t it worth a fact finding mission to access your body’s cellular information and see where, when, and how your body got sick.  The illness or sickness didn’t start when you were diagnosed.  It started with an emotional issue or issues early in your life, when you didn’t feel you had the power or the where for all to stand for your truth.  You reluctantly gave away your power because you had no idea you had power.  Most illnesses and sickness begins in early childhood, even from the womb.

As you make the connection to your body you may be startled to discover that there is a direct correlation between your health, your illness and your limited Belief Systems.  You may have been programmed to get sick. The old Belief System… “Well your family has this, whatever it is, so you will get it.”  This is baloney…processed Belief Systems.  You do not have to “get” what your parents had as an illness, condition or diagnosis.  You are a different person. You can change the course of your life by not following their illness course.

Connect to the intelligence in your body. Your body has all the answers. Ask clearly and consciously… your body will reveal the information.  Stay non-emotional, stay out of the past and stay in the current moment.  If you have Belief Systems that make you sick, then dump the B.S.  You are entitled to be healthy and prosperous.  It is very difficult to be prosperous if you are spending your valuable time being sick.