Ever wonder why people repeat phrases and ideas?  Most of the time they havee no idea from where these idioms and expressions came. This is how rumors get started..  Someone says something, usually without facts.  He or she will states something based upon an emotional issue.  The person says the statement with conviction, without clarity of thought.  The next thing you know someone repeats the “sentence” and some body gets a negative sentenced or experience in life through an emotional statement that someone else made.  More times than not the person who started the “sentence”, which ended up sentencing someone, was so emotionally charged, he or she could not see the damage that resulted. They were too caught up in the drama of the situation without any facts.

This is what happens with bullying everyday.  Bullying can happen at any age or stage.

As a matter of fact this Childish Adult Ego behavior was reported in the Arizona Republic on Tuesday December 28, 2010.  So much for holiday good cheer and holiday spirit!!!  Doris Lor, a 76 year old retired secretary, moved into a Senior Complex to live. Without a doubt to live a relaxed, connected, fun lifestyle.  Instead she encountered major senior Childish Adult Ego opposition to her.  Who knows how it got started?  But through someone’s CAE’s behavior and judgment that Doris did not fit in, she was ostracized.  Well so much for the B.S. about sweet grandmas and grandpas!  The older you get the wiser you become??? Now that’s B.S., particularly in this case.

The truth is these perpetrators, no doubt about it, are still stuck in their childhood “mine” mentality, taking ownership of something that does not belong to them in the first place.  Isn’t the community center a shared space for the residence?  Huh?  Doris has to stay hidden in her home, living life as a victim of bullying.  Probably she read the marketing material… great place to live, enjoy the friendliness of the place, etc, etc etc, 

You know all the yadda, yadda, yadda stuff that marketing material promotes.  The best thing she can do is to Take Back her Power and see these senior Childish Adult Egos as pathetic.  So the phrase wisdom comes with age, not so much in Doris’s senior complex.  Very complex dealing with senior Childish Adult Egos!  A recommendation to Doris is to ignore them for their complete ignorance.  The fact is she has to live there on a daily basis.  She can make the best of her life, live there but find her life outside of this complex senior complex, which is no doubt doing.

The insanity of speaking ideas and concepts that are not based on a clear reality and facts does cause harm.  The harm affects both those starting and continuing the rumor mongering and the person or person who are in the direct line of fire.  So when you speak about something, or repeat a sentence, idiom, rumor or idea make sure you know about what you speak.  Otherwise your Childish Adult Ego may be putting your whole self into your mouth not just your foot!  Wisdom comes with clarity, facts and reason.  Childish Adult Ego behavior comes with baggage from the past.  Doesn’t matter what the date, month or year is, CAE behavior is dysfunction. Whatever your age if you require to be treated as an adult, then act like one. 

Let’s intend for all the Doris’s out there, at whatever age or stage of life, from childhood to senior, that these unconscious bullies will wake up.  And if they don’t…say to all of them… “Oh Well!”  and move on.  Don’t waste your valuable time even thinking about them.  That’s what they want. Don’t give them what they want or you give your Power Away. 

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