For the many years of facilitating clients/friends who are suffering, labeled, and “pointed” out as addicted, the shame, the blame, and Self-Recrimination are horrible. Some of the most amazing effects that have witnessed by me, supporting and assisting those who have been identified, without judging any of them, as “addicts”, the one huge thing noticed by me is the underlying core of addiction.


Seeing, witnessing, observing, always as NEO Non Emotional Observer, that one emotional core for everyone who is identified as an addict, is the emotionality of the physicality in each person’s core. The physicality of this emotional physical core, identified so many years ago, is the issue in the tissues is which are both the emotional/physical and physical/emotional roots at the Cellular Level of the person or persons which is identified as “Desperation for Attention”!


Desperation can begin at any age or stage for the addict. When you look at the Profiles, Behaviors, and Roles of the addict, the similarity, the connection is this aspect called Desperation for Attention! The Question is… ”Who gets all the attention” whether good, bad, or indifferent, it is the addict! The sometimes, absolutely no judgment here, are the many types of disabling enablers, who provide attention to the addict.

The challenge is the enablers are them Selves very emotional in their focus to “help” the addict. Helping does not work. Having stated this many, many, many times over the years of “working” with addicts of all types, is that there is no purpose in “helping”. Does this sound ridiculous? It is not only a matter of semantics, it is a matter of what matters and how it matters to both the addict and to the enabler. Assisting, not helping/enabling them, is a huge key!

Hearing the two sides of the story, sound like the victim and victimizer dialogue. Please do not take this as judgment. Consider reading this clearly and Non Emotionally. Most of the time the addict is identified as the victim. For sure! The addict is victimizing not only her Self or him Self, they are victimizing the people who are “trying to help” them. 

Through the years of working with “addicts” and the “enablers” is to “listen” deeply to their language, identified as their own Wordology is their Biology, running in each person in this dysfunctional relationships. The dialogue, and the language are very judging through name calling. Again, not to blame anyone in this equation of language.

How does one begin to break the cycle? First is to identify at the Cellular Level the trauma, the issue that initiated this behavior, and the “wanty-needy” to “use” a substance to cover up and suppress the emotional and physical pain.  Please note… emotional pain is physical pain!

When a person is “stuck” at whatever age or stage, and it can even happen in the womb of an addict parent or parents, this addiction pattern is imprinted and embedded in the cellular structure of the baby.

This cellular structure becomes the Code of Addiction!

Many times, the addict will validate the invalidation of him Self or her Self to validate the addiction of a parent or parents. This is ALL UNCONSCIOUS! Not subconscious.. unconscious! A pattern is established in the cells, molecules, and particles at the subatomic level of the person. This is the physicality of the addiction issue in the tissues.

Another aspect of addiction is the physical emotional issue of the tissues, of “trying and trying” to numb and “forget” a trauma or traumas or even learned Behavior of a “role model” of the addict. Now parents, spouses or anyone involved, do not blame your Selves! A physical emotional and emotional physical core at some age or stage has occurred. The addict, more times than not, does not even clearly or consciously remember or would simply like to forget the events, situations or conditions that are the manipulating underlying issues of the addiction that started the problem in the first place.

Addiction has many stages and ages at the core. Now recognizing “Consciously” at their cellular level of consciousness in their physical body to connect and to identify the origination point, now healing can begin. The emotional hook of “Desperation for Attention” outside of the addict begins through Conscious Detachment. Which is completely different the Emotional Disconnection. 

Conscious Detachment is becoming clearly Conscious, that wasting one’s life, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, and financially has to come to an end. FYI the financial issue is not money, it is what is the cost of wasting one’s life!!!

The person, beginning to let go of the emotional and physical attachment to being called or labeled an “addict” begins to dissipate. A new identification from the inside out begins to come to the surface from the Cellular Level within the body, not through the programmed Left Computer Brain. A shift begins to happen naturally.

The person, the former addict, accepts consciously and recognizes not to be wanty-needy to get attention from the outside. The addict consciously accepts it is time for him or her to give attention to them Selves in the most connected and heart-based way.

As the addiction becomes NEO, Non Emotional Observer, and NEL, Non Emotional Listener, THE PARADIGM SHIFT FROM THE INSIDE OUT BEGINS TO HAPPEN! Healing both physically emotional and emotionally physical happens. The Real Brain the HEART. Now the Heart becomes the guide, the guidance, and the amazing conscious core of the person from the inside out. A new identification happens naturally! 

Here is a testimonial from Claire who was an “alcoholic” for over 40 years. No More!!!

“Once again, I want to share my story with anyone who really wants to change their life. It’s been 2 years and 4 months. as of today, when I called you and asked you for help that day when we hung up, I had a full drink of my cocktail. I looked at that drink and said to myself I choose me not this drink I will not give this drink the power over me because I knew that the next day with you, Sherry Anshara, will be the start of a whole new life.

I poured out my full drink I could have drunk it since the session wasn’t starting the next day. I chose me over my last drink. The mind is a powerful thing just as much as I wanted to drink, and I did for years, and nothing was going to stop me.

I will not give my power away. Just know everyone goes through tough times just don’t give in and I will tell you, you will be so proud of yourself there is nothing you can’t do there are so many people that are going through it.

Listen to Sherry Anshara, change your life guarantee you won’t go wrong. The only thing you have to lose is you and life is fantastic.” 




“Addiction is Desperation for Attention, Now is the time to Pay Attention to Your Self through your Heart!”
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