This is an empowering word! It’s a word which is a foundation based upon faith, trust and non-judgment from within! When you Believe in your Self, everything is more than possible. Life becomes the probability and not the improbable. Believe is at the very deep core of your comprehension, which is the place of the causation of your creativity.

Not to Believe in your Self blocks your life’s path from achieving your plans. Not to Believe in your Self is an underlying current of fear-based muck that grips you to that core. This muck is the “stuck” emotional goo that prevents you from tapping into your clear core of doubtless consciousness.

The muck is filled with self-doubt, emotional and physical blocks that have a loud roaring voice that prevents you from hearing the clear cognitive voice of your clear inner intuition, your “gut feeling”. That roar speaks volumes of the fears of self-judgment, lack, and taking away from your Self all the things you deserve to have in your life.

One of the first self-items that gets taken away by you is your awareness of your own personal power. It’s difficult to empower your Self if you do not Believe you have the power. You are operating on limiting ideas, concepts and opinions of others. Not Believing in your Self is a self-victimization behavior, learned through other people’s opinions. Everyone has them!

What you may not comprehend is that opinions, including your own, are a causation factor of creativity prevention that keeps you “stuck” in the past in an emotional opinion, either self-induced or labeled by an outside source. Opinions are just opinions. They are emotionally-based with very little facts, if any. Opinions feed your innate ability to make clear rational choices.

Opinions are emotionally-based decisions that will affect and influence your life, your creativity, and your results, both personally and professionally. Any decision made on an opinion or opinion of others is not the influence you are seeking. For those who you see as influencing you, ask your Self, is the influence inhibiting or contributing to my life?

The answer may change your life…in either way!

Start Believing in Your Self

Listen to your Intuition and “Gut Feeling”

Trust the voice in your heart

Believe… in Your Self! Believe … Your Self!

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance
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