So many times we have been taught by many schools of thought that being vulnerable is to being weak and powerless.  Vulnerable by Webster’s definition is susceptible, defenseless, helpless, at risk, and in a weak position.  A perfect Duality or 3rd Dimension definition to keep you positioned in a weakened stance in life.  This definition promotes and supports the victim mentality and all the mental and physical characteristics of that consciousness.  A perfect control mechanism to keep you in fear and from living your life to the fullest!

Picture or imagine, if you will…looking out a peep hole in a door….a very narrow range of sight.  You really can’t see much.  You really can’t experience much either from that restricted point of view.  Life enfolds on a limited road that holds you back, wasting time and missing opportunities that come along.

“Putting up walls around yourself” to protect yourself is the same narrow mental picture that has been taught as a way to survive the experiences of life.  WOW!  What a concept that keeps on ticking like the energizer bunny….the survival modus operandi, existing but never really living life to the fullest.  Living through the survival and protection consciousness is not conducive to living fully and creating your life to its fullest potential and possibilities.  That’s not fun nor rewarding.

From a different view, take down the walls with that narrow peep hole perspective, and see the greatness of your life.  Being vulnerable will not only allow you to see life from a 360 degree range of sight, you now have the ability to pick and choose how you participate in your daily life. Yes, you can choose this and No you don’t have to choose that!  You are in charge of your life. 

You don’t have to get caught up in the traumas and dramas of other people.  You have a clear range of vision.  You have a clearer perspective of where and how you use your energy to design your life.  You can’t be blind sighted by that old narrow perspective of life.  

Vulnerability is your strength.  Look all around you.  There are opportunities everywhere.  Open yourself up to the experiences.  When you allow yourself to see the “more” in life, you will benefit from life’s abundance instead of less.  Being vulnerable allows you to “feel” energized by life.  Being vulnerable supports you to “stretch” and go beyond those limiting fears that have held you back from expressing yourself and “seeing” for yourself how much you are capable of being and doing.

Fragility is really the consciousness of weakness not vulnerability.   Be open, be accessible, be responsive, be vulnerable and watch what happens.  Be vulnerable,  pay attention to all that life has to offer.  You don’t want to waste or miss the opportunities that life has waiting for you.  Those illusional walls with the narrow peep hole were not protecting you, they were preventing you from living.  Go out, be vulnerable and seize the opportunities.  They are waiting for you.