In Duality there is so much emphasis placed on doing, doing, doing that most of the time, everyone gets caught up in the doing! When you are caught up in the doing, without judging, the purpose of the doing sometimes gets lost in the translation of what the doing is all about. 

When you look throughout history, how many leaders, or the everyday regular person, whatever this means, gets so caught up in the doing, that at the end of doing something, whatever the something is, many say “why did I do that?” Sound familiar?

The doing in the thesaurus can be called responsibility (responsi-bullshit), liability (that’s a good one), burden (that is a really good heavy one), deed (good or bad), undertaking (isn’t that whose doing at the end of life is called an undertaker?), exploit (that’s a really good Duality one), performance (great acting), achievement (hmm by whose terms), accomplishment (rating), feat (where you put your feet), action (act from your ion/cellular places) fixing (this is really a great Duality doing), preparing (as in the food of consciousness or b.s.), organizing (or dis-organized organizing), ensuring (isn’t that a health product..ensure you are ensured or insurance?) and all these words lead up to the Duality “doings”!

WOW! This doing stuff takes time, effort and focus. Yet in Duality, all the emphasis is on the “Doing”. Doing this, doing that, doing the right thing, doing the wrong thing, doing, doing, doing! YET?

How about stepping back and asking… “Why all this doing?” What is the foundation of all this doing? What is the doing all about? Do you do this? Do you do that? What do you do? So many times when people meet… the first question is “What do you do?” Isn’t this funny?

Go throughout the day and consider, not thinky thinking, about all that you do. You eat, you go to the bathroom, you sleep, you daydream, you laugh, you cry, you get angry, you make calls, you receive calls, you work, you take breaks, you do and do and do! Now there is no judgment around anything of the things you do.  

Have you ever considered why you do what you do? Why do you eat certain foods? Why do you like who you like? Why do you hate what and who you hate? Why do you like certain places? Why do you do anything and everything you do? Great questions.

Life always appears that life is about doing! However what if life is NOT ABOUT THE DOING? What if life is really about the BEING? What if BEING is the foundation of all that you do in life? What if BEING is the creativity, conscious, unconscious, or Duality based Belief System, the B.S. that is the principle foundation of how, when, when, where, and WHY your entire premise of DOING happens?

Just consider for a moment in this previous question, the significance of the WHY? Why you do what you do at any given moment in your times in life that is founded upon your very BEING at your core! Your BEING or BEINGNESS is you.  The essence of YOU BEING YOU!

Without your BEING, there is no YOU. YOU are YOUR BEINGNESS. YOU ARE YOUR LIFE!  So perhaps it is time to connect to your inner BEINGNESS and ask your Self “WHY” you like to do what you do. Or you don’t like to do what you do?

Every cell, particle, and molecule of you to the subatomic level of YOU is your BEINGNESS. When you connect to these places and spaces within you, at any place in your body, your body reveals your BEINGNESS.

Each place and space in your body has significance. For example, without your joints, you could not be flexible. Without your jaws that open and close, you could not chew, or open your mouth and speak. Without your fingers and hands, you couldn’t hold anything. Going through your entire body, your body parts are BEING consciously what they are constructed, created to do. They must BE operating correctly in order to DO!

So back full circle, as you digest the words of this article, DOING OR BEING? Pretty clear! Your BEINGNESS is your intelligence and intellect in every one of your cells, particles, and molecules to the subatomic levels of you. They all work together.

However, and however is the facts, that when you get so caught up in the “anal”yzing of the Duality left brain computer brainwashing of what you are “supposed” to DO, you forget in the connecting of the left and right computer brain to organize the what, where, who, when and WHY you are creating from your own BEINGNESS to DO all the amazing experiences you came here to this earth to do! How’s that for the word “amazing”? 

To BE your amazing, creative, implementing, manifesting, and actualizing Self is to BE YOUR BEINGNESS from the inside out.  BE your Life! Please do not BE a version of the Duality labels that restrict and confine you to the DO’s that are really not from YOUR OWN BEINGNESS.

You can agree to disagree with someone or others, without judging them or your Self. Remember…the point is and always is…don’t judge Your Self or you can get caught up in someone else’s label of you. Their label of you is all about them! 

This is the exact perfect time and timing to evaluate, value, and asses the WHYS you are here. You have many WHYS and you have many many purposes. Do Not Limit Your Self! TO BE WHO YOU ARE IS YOUR BEINGNESS WHICH PRODUCES YOUR DOINGS!  Your Doings are the results of your purposes!





“BEINGNESS is the essence of YOU.. so go out in life and BE YOU!”
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