Are you ready to be ready or not!?!?

For sure the title of this message is already triggering some of you who are reading this.

Before you continue….let’s look at Wordology is your Biology…which is the programming of words into your physical body.  Most of the time your survivalist, your Childish Adult Ego (CAE), engrained with the Belief Systems of being “right” or even “wrong”, relies on your perceptions to deal with life.  Perceptions are not based on facts.  Perspectives are facts. Perceptions are your CAE’s receptions and deceptions of your conceptions in action through dysfunctional behaviors.

Dysfunctional behaviors result in dysfunctional relationships, emotional issues and “stuck” in the past routines!  So the Wordology of the word divorce is always equated with failure;  a failed marriage, a failed relationship, a failed something or other.  This is the old paradigm of Duality’s Belief Systems about the word Divorce.  This is the B.S. Programs in dysfunctional action.  The right and wrong of “it”!  The emotional repetitive behaviors “doing” the programming instead of living life clearly conscious.

So let’s become in this moment the Non-Emotional Observer (NEO).  Here’s the deal… The deal is: Oh, I am not ready to do “this”….I am not ready to change…. I am not ready… I am not ready,… I am not ready.  If there ever was a dysfunctional program running, it definitely is the “I am not ready to do a something else action, which would result in a more effective result!”  Oh no, let’s not change the dysfunction!!! 

Here are the clear questions  to ask your Self:  Are you ready to continue your misery? Are you ready to continue to be a victim? Are you ready to continue being sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Are you getting the picture?  Do you fit into this picture any more? Is the picture like a sepia print, old, brown, dingy and curled up at the edges?  Are you living in a past that is sooooooooo over? Are you continuing to hang on to the past,  like a pimple that you pick at so many times, a scar forms?  Are you willing to live in the scar? Are you willing to continue to be scared for life?  Are you ready and willing to continue this ineffective not so clear “reality” that is not real? Or are you ready to look at what is not serving you as a meal of consciousness that looks and tastes like Crap!!!?????

You do have choices and options.  The best choice and option is to view the word Divorce as a way to step aside as the Non Emotional Observer (NEO), and look at your entire life.  Do not look at your life in segments or fragments but as the whole picture.  Give your Self this huge opportunity to grow. 

So back to the word Divorce.   If your life is not working, if your relationships are not functioning, if you hate your job, If all the ifs’, ands’ or buts’ are the excuses, then it is time to look at your life from a Non-Emotional Observer perspective of the facts.  If you are not ready to do it…then don’t. Stay in the dysfunctional situation. It’s your time that you are using or using up!   

More questions:  Are you waiting for the next lifetime to have the life you deserve and desire? Are you waiting to die to get “it” over with.  Or are you just stalling around, waiting for something to happen?  If you are, then you will still be waiting until…..until what…until the end of your time, because you were not ready to make time for your Self?  You still  Belief System that you have to wait and wait and wait until it is the right time to heal your life, your body, your relationship with your Self. This is the right time. What other times is there??

Oh my gawd, the quick fix answer is “I am afraid of change”.  Well somewhere between diapers and depends, you have changed your underwear.  What you haven’t changed is under where in your physical and emotional body, have you buried your Self, your life, your feelings, your desires and your creativity.  When you say you are afraid of change…you have changed.  But you are not willing to admit you have changed. Isn’t it  far more scary to continue to accept what is no longer relevant to your life?

The known is really scary if it is not working.  In the known when it is dysfunction, and you continue to continue this way, you are accepting your life as worth “less” and your value is less.  If dysfunction is the known, hanging on to the Known as viable to you, does not make sense.  If the known does not serve you, then stop serving it to your Self. 

The opportunities are in the unknown.  This is the space to create your life.  The unknown is the exciting place to be unlimited.  Now ask your Self, is it time to Divorce your Self from the non relevant past, from dysfunctional behaviors programmed in the past and the limitations of irrelevant Belief Systems?  If the answers are YES, then get a conscious Divorce and marry your Self to the life you desire and deserve.  Embrace the unknown, try it out, practice being consciously creative.  You have nothing to loose.  You have everything to gain. Divorce the known that is not working and get engaged to creating newness in life.  Who knows what could happen in your life.?  Be open!  I am ready for all life has to offer.  I am always ready!!!

Now let life unfold!

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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