What happens if the power of now is based on the “then”?  Then what happens?  The evidence is overwhelming that history repeats itself over and over again.  So, how can we live in the now if so much of the now is based upon what happened previously?  It’s not that this idea is bad or even good.  However, what would be the purpose of rehashing the past in different scenarios?  If you believe in karma, lessons, and reincarnation, then it would make sense.  Is there any sense to continuing to repeat a past that is dysfunctional and call it karma, lessons and reincarnation?  Maybe the time has come to look at these paradigms from more expanded perspectives.  So, it’s not that karma, lessons and reincarnation don’t make sense anymore.  Perhaps the question is…”What is the point of continuing to re-invent in these paradigms different versions of the same dysfunctions?”

If the paradigm of lessons is the issue, then ask your Self, how many lessons does it take throughout your continuum to get to the point of the issues.  How much of your valuable time is wasted re-inventing various scenarios attached to the same lessons?  Only you can ask your Self the value of your time and effort.  How many wasted valuable minutes, hours, years and lifetimes does it take to re-create the same lessons.  Are you bored yet?

Karma is the same thing.  You already know what goes around comes around. You are the one who makes what goes around comes around to you.  Have you ever asked your Self. “What is the point of recycling karma?  What is the point of lessons or karma if there is no end in sight in your continuum to continue on a path that offers nothing except the challenges of the Do-Over paradigm?

Now add re-incarnation to the mix!  Ever wonder or ask your Self, what is the point of re-incarnation anyway?  Especially if you are guaranteed another lifetime round of dysfunctional challenges!  Was it really meant to be this way for you and everyone?

Hardly!  The best and only way to move beyond these three paradigms is to first recognize they are the same thing.  Only disguised by a seeming different word…there is no difference.  They all mean the same thing.  They are not meaningful, they are mean.  Unless you prefer to continue the Do-Overs!

Let go!  How?  By recognizing, accepting, and then making a clear agreement with your Self, that enough is enough.  Surrender!  Surrender does not mean losing. Surrender is not losing anything.  Surrender is your agreement with your Self that the past is over.  The past is now only a non-emotional reference point.  You did get the lesson.  You realize you don’t have to repeat any karmic pay-back.  You can, by clear choice, begin to live the life you determine supports you and honors you without all the boring trauma dramas.  You can now begin to incarnate your life each and everyday without the lesson, karma and re-incarnation hangover from the past.  Move on.  Enjoy your Self.  After all… en-joy means– the joy is “in” side of you.  Enjoy your Self.  Enjoy your life.

Sherry Anshara

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