Fear is an amazing trait!  Fear stops us from achieving our goals.  Fears stops us from moving forward.  Fear is the blocker of success.  So what do you do with fear.  You understand it!  Fear is simply lack of information.  Therefore, the more information you have, the faster fear goes away and eventually dissipates.  When you recognize and acknowledge the control and manipulation fear has over your life, you are then ready to get rid of the paralyzing fear.

In this economic time, fear has no place in your face!  Otherwise you can’t face the future. Let’s face it together!  By the way your future is one minute from now.  On the flip side your past is one minute ago.  Don’t drag the fear filled past into your future. Otherwise your future is the same old same old as the past.  Let the fear go!

Free your Self right now.  What you are freeing your Self from?  You are freeing your Self from frustration.  You are freeing your Self from the limited boundaries of fear.  You do not have to be encapsulated in backward motion, caught in your past fears.  Instead you are in forward motion.  You are freeing your Self to create success for your Self and your business.

Social Media is one giant fear to let go.  Do you remember the first “social” event you attended, like way back to grade school or middle school?  Remember your apprehension?  Once you got into the swing of things you discovered how much fun it was then.  Remember getting your first computer at work?  OH MY GAWD, how am I ever going to learn all this stuff, all these programs, all this??? You did it.  Then it became second nature.  Remember your first business networking, you had to say a 30 second elevator speech?  Another OH MY GAWD!  You got through it!

In the last couple of years…Facebook joined the revolution of Social Medial. This is another tool for networking!!!  Everyone said it was for the kids.  Really?  Now the big kids have their opportunity to use Facebook for their businesses.  Now you have the opportunity to shed every fear you ever had about Social Media.  Now is the time to get out and socialize your business.  Facebook is growing.  Facebook is an awesome tool to expand your horizons, your vision for your business.  Get on Facebook, get the positive exposure of your message.

Don’t be afraid that Facebook is too personal.  Use Facebook as a tool that is personalized and personalizes your business for other markets.  Facebook is a tool to reach beyond local markets, it is the pathway to global markets.  So when you face your unreasonable fears, and get reasonable, you have so many more reasons to achieve your goals, objectives and create more successes for you and your business.