Ever watch the TV show Hoarders? You can see how emotional they are attached to “things” without any connection to themselves or to their families or friends. It is so evident from their physical bodies that the physical emotions they are holding inside of them prevents them from any type of physical, mental, spiritual or financial connection to themselves. They are so unaware of their surroundings from their own personal disconnect that they can not “see” the messes in which they have surrounded themselves.
They are lonely even with all their “stuff”.

It is so evident that their emotional attachment to their things is a one way street. Afraid of connection and commitment, they know consciously and unconsciously that their things won’t judge them or make them wrong and bad. Their reality is so unreal. Filling the emotional and physical gap of real life connection, they pile on more and more things hoping, wishing, wanting and needing to “feel” something. Yet they don’t feel. They can only live in a fear based inner environment in a false sense of validation. Their things validate them.

Before we judge these hoarders, or even make them bad and wrong, let’s look at some of the ways people are hoarders. Hoarding is based on the emotional disconnect there is no doubt about it. Look at what you may be hoarding in your body? Everything is physical, your ideas, your thoughts, your belief systems, your actions, your re-actions and your responses to life. Everything about it is a component of your physicality.

If you are holding on to the past, holding on to the emotional attachments to past relationships, stuck in the past where you perceived someone judged you, made fun of you, ignored you….whatever your idea of the past…guess what, you are hoarding these situations, events and the people connected to it in your body. You are hoarding the past. You are taking up room in your cells, molecules and particles. Eventually you become drained, ill, sick, traumatized or angry including being pissed off.

The fact is you are “hoarding”. You are holding on to the past. If someone asks you… “Is your glass half empty or half full?” Your question should be… “What is the glass half full of?” If it is crap from the past, then take the empty one and fill it up with your life in the present time. Stop hanging on, holding on, wasting valuable time hoarding old insignificant, irrelevant experiences that make you re-live and re-traumatize your Self.
Stop hoarding!

Get connected to your Self in this current time of your life. The past is like so over. You can’t change it, so why hoard it in your cells, in your body. Move on. Move forward.
Free your Self from the past that no longer serves you. Live your life to the fullest. Get a whole set of new glasses to fill. Be in charge of your life. Hoarding the past in your body is not worth your life now. Don’t hoard! Create new experiences. Create viable new connected relationships. Most importantly connect to your Self now!