Although the ideas of multi-dimensional realities have been recognized by the world’s “metaphysical communities” for eons, this concept was either hidden in the shadows  of “woo woo”, or considered an absurdity by the scientific world, academia, and thus the mainstream collective consciousness accepted it as so.  No one in their right minds would embrace such ridiculous ideas. It was only those weirdos, who clandestinely practiced in hushed obscurity.  Maybe the idea of the darkness started from the fear of our multi-dimensional abilities and our own empowerment.  And it definitely was easier to give our power away, than to be judged as different. I am sure there are many who can relate to this idea.

In the eastern philosophies to seek harmony between mind and spirit is to achieve a higher state of consciousness within the material world. To continue with the separation and fear programs in this third dimension is to keep us trapped and estranged from our multi-dimensional self-empowerment.

As the joke goes…do we have change for a paradigm?  It doesn’t matter what we think about it, because thinking has nothing to do with it.  The old thought patterns are fading away.  They just are. This paradigm shift of consciousness is here. It is physical.  And it is manifesting in many ways.  From inside out the shift is occurring at an accelerated rate, propelled by multi-dimensional, multi-faceted energies being released from with us.  The old patterns that said everything that happened to us came from the outside are being examined and re-evaluated.  Consequently, this inside dimensional shift of our ideas, our thinking, our behaviors, our views, our actions is being viewed from new perspectives. What once was accepted as true is now being reassessed.   “Inside changes to the outside brings…changes”….Wei Chen, Ancient Chinese Poet

As these changes occur, they do expand our views.  Even the dynamics of relationships are being challenged by this merging multi-dimensional shift of consciousness.  The interactions in the previous accepted models of science, business, medicine, mainstream, metaphysical, and their relationships once considered in opposition, are merging. The language is becoming integrated.  Concurrently, the expanding collective consciousness is impacting our lives daily.   Words like Spirit, God, Body, Mind, Soul, Angels, Guides, Soul Groups, Cellular, Molecular, Quantum, DNA, etc are now mainstream. They are not just spoken by a particular group.

As the words change, the processes of consciousness or awareness are altered.  As a result our physicality changes dimensionally.  A great example, in the past we considered the idea of angels or guides as invisible myths, perhaps occasionally experienced during some traumatic experience.  Well, that paradigm has certainly been altered.  “Real” angel encounters are being reported all over the world.  Could we actually be interacting with angels? What if, it was only the fears of our multi-dimensional abilities, that previously prevented us from interacting with angels and guides on a regular basis?  By tapping into our intuitive abilities, we can access the multi-dimensional resources of our angels, soul groups and guides. We can now have positive and practical guidance on a daily basis.  Personally I love the idea of out of this world guidance.

Through the web, we are connecting globally. We are exchanging ideas, information and consciousness at an accelerated rate. As this happens, our perspectives about our differences and our similarities are being reconsidered and reevaluated. Therefore, the belief systems stored in our physicality, cellular memories and memorizations, are being altered and expanded about who we are, what is our purpose and how does our energy affect our world. How could everything that was taught to us about third dimension be the “all” that there is, all that is real?  It isn’t. Even the conservative mainstream media is reporting and discussing the potential of the “other sides and dimensions”.  John Edward’s program Crossing Over is a great example of the shift of mainstream consciousness about the other sides or dimensions.  This example, of a dimensional shift of consciousness is being brought to us by the media. 

Quantum physicist Michio Kaku, Author of Hyperspace and Visions is an extraordinary visionary, scientist and futurist, states that the three pillars of modern 20th century science, which are no longer shrouded in mystery, are the basic quantum theory, DNA and computers.  He writes in the 21st century we will learn how to manipulate these three (dimensions) almost at will, making the transition from being observers of the dance of nature to becoming active choreographers.  Could this be the advent of the multi-dimensional, unlimited concept of consciousness? Are we at the threshold of potential to let go of the fear based limited consciousness, that has been instilled in us?

In practical terms, what can these multi-dimensional realities really mean for us?  What values could these concepts offer us? How can these realities make sensible differences in our lives?  These dimensional shifts right now are making impacts on our lives in very subtle and very distinct ways. Some of these most significant changes come from the scientific and medical communities. They are beginning to acknowledge that the body, mind, spirit and “soul” connection is the body’s physical link to multi-dimensional methodologies for healing.  It is merging the outside with the inside.  Our physicality is a multi-dimensional energy unit.  It can be no other way. 

Our body’s own physical systems are multi-dimensional.  Each system, ie circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, glandular, skeletal, etc, work together in the most miraculous unity everyday.  When our emotional body becomes out of balance, it affects our physical systems. We manifest dis-ease, dys-function and dis-stress.  Through our expanding multi-dimensional awareness, we can go “inside” our bodies and affect healing through meditation, guided imagery, and positive thoughts and affirmations.  We don’t have to give our power away to the illness.   We can change it.

Now there is even a new synergy between medicine and intuitive energy therapies.  It is energy medicine.  No longer a concept, but a new multi-dimensional approach to healing.  This partnership, between the body, mind, spirit and soul link, the patient, the healthcare practitioners, conventional medicine, and medical intuitive practitioners, is being embraced. A much more balanced, pro-active, and multi-dimensional approach to wellness and healthcare.

Our bodies are energy containers of the multi-dimensional time continuum.  We are physical, metaphysical, cellular, molecular, and quantum.  We are our thoughts, our beliefs, our intentions, our actions and we are all times.  Our realties emerge from inside of us. If we hold onto realities that no longer honor us, or are inappropriate uses of our energy, we become stuck.  When we stay “stuck” in the old programs, the energy of our consciousness is living in those old dimensions of the past. Even, making the slightest change, changes our lives.  It happens naturally. Our bodies know what do, but it is our fear based “thinking” that keeps us stuck. 

Each life, past, present, and future is recorded in our physical body.   All this information is stored in our Auric Energy Field.  It tells who we are and all about us. Psychics or readers are actually reading the dimensional information in the auric field, whether they are conscious of it or not.  Our bodies “remember” every experience, every conversation, every day of “all” of our lives at the cellular, molecular and quantum levels of our beingness.  With this ability to access cellular memory and memorization, we can see our participation without self judgment, be the observer, let go of the fears surrounding the situations, and begin the process of self healing at the deepest levels of consciousness.  It is empowering.

As we lift the veils, the blocks, the foundations of fears, or the whatever, we have identified as the prevention programs, that have thwarted us from taking back our power, and creative energy, right here, right now, we can make the choice to transform our lives.  We don’t have to be limited anymore in our thinking or our actions.  We can use our own bodies as a valuable resource. What did we learn from all our experiences, past, present and future? How can we apply this information to our lives now in practical ways? We can choose to identify the programs of consciousness that are no longer applicable, and let them go.

Never in the history of the world or the consciousness of man, has a time been more exciting.  Embrace the multi-dimensional shift of consciousness, embrace the changes, welcome the opportunity to experience your life from expanded views, and you just might like what you see.  Allow yourselves to see the world through multi-dimensional eyes, without tunnel vision or judgments. Perhaps, letting go of the idea of the word “one” as singular, and allowing the idea of “one” to be multi-dimensional.  You are one multi-dimensional being.  It just is.

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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