What is Aging?

What is aging?

In Duality’s ideas or belief systems about age, we need to consider the factors involved in aging—growing up, getting old, or simply aging. The real question to consider is, what is aging? Think about wine: the longer it ages, the better it gets! With age or aging comes wisdom. We gain knowledge through the experiences of aging.

Aging and Maturity

Aging is gaining maturity. But what does that mean? Have you ever seen a “mature” adult act like a spoiled brat? This is not a judgment, just an observation. Have you ever acted “childish” at a so-called “adult age”? Or acted so adult as a child?

Defining Agelessness

Is being ageless about how someone looks? Does ageless mean “less” knowledge, experience, and maturity, or is it about gaining wisdom? Is being a “wise guy” about being smart, not in mob terms, but rather in terms of being a smart aleck?

Agelessness as a State of Mind

Or is ageless a state of mind or consciousness? Is being ageless about consistently being open to learning and gathering information? Does agelessness involve using the information collected as tools to live a full, healthy life, not measured by time? Is agelessness a position of openness and willingness? Open and willing for what?

Non-Duality Consciousness

Let’s consider that agelessness is a State of Non-Duality Consciousness with zero limitations about what you are supposed to be, do, and how to act at a particular cycle of your time called AGE. Is AGE a state of being? YES!

The Essence of Appearance

Age is a state of being. Age is also about positioning yourself without limitations on what you are supposed to be, do, or look like. In fact, when you look at the word “appearance,” at your stage of age, you are making an appearance of how you appear first to yourself. Your appearance is what you project from your inside to your outside world.

Grace at Any Age

Whenever you are in a state of grace at any age or stage of your life, you are the appearance of yourself in all the roles you roll through in life! A role that doesn’t align with your Non-Duality Consciousness from the inside out cannot confine, restrict, restrain, or “enclose” you!

Breaking Free from Labels

You are not restricted or confined by labels, roles, definitions, or identities of times and timelines about how you are supposed to act at a “certain age.” Because of these limitations and constrictions of Duality Belief Systems, the essence of life within each cell, particle, and molecule of you, down to the subatomic level, gets restricted. This resonance lowers your immune system, making you susceptible to illness.

The Truth about Illness and Aging

When you get sick, perhaps because of a Duality Belief System that says your “genes” predispose you to this or that, or your family has this or that, or at your age, you are supposed to do this or that… THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH! OMG, this may be true in Duality but not necessarily YOUR TRUTH!

Unlimited Creativity

Your ability to create, implement, manifest, and actualize your life in many ways is within you. As you increasingly connect to your real brain—your Heart—and use your computer brain, both left and right lobes, to organize what you create, implement, manifest, and actualize each moment, your unlimited creativity is expressed in every moment.

The Role of the Heart

As you express yourself through these four steps—Create, Implement, Manifest, and Actualize—through your heart, you have an endless stream of energy from within you, regardless of age. Your real brain, your Heart, guides you! When you are “stuck” in the Duality limitations of only the left computer brain, you are not allowing your body or giving your body the opportunities to be unlimited!

Overcoming Left Brain Limitations

The limitations programmed into your Left Computer Brain inhibit you. This Left Computer Brain is like an old 286 computer trying to download apps! It can’t happen! When you stop yourself in the Duality Programs of aging in a detrimental way to you, your body, your real brain, and your heart, you are stopping your own flow of unlimited creativity!

Embracing Ageless Creativity

Creativity is ageless! Now you can BE MORE, BE WHATEVER AGE YOU ARE, BE UNLIMITED IN HOW, WHEN, WHERE, WHAT, AND WHY YOU ARE HERE ON THIS PLANET! Age, aging, and ageless are states of Consciousness! Unlimited or Limited by the Duality left brain programming!

Conclusion: To Age More

To Age, More is to be yourself. To Age, More unleashes your unlimited, extraordinary states of Ageless Creativity! The more Consciously Connected to yourself, your Heart, your inner wisdom, and your intuition, the more Ageless you are!


Age is your state of inner unlimited Creativity every moment!

Sherry Anshara

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