For sure you have heard of Vampires? Don’t they drain your blood, suck the life out of you? Hmmmm! Are there really vampires? Or are these vampires masquerading as people in your life? If the answer is yes, then ask your Self why have you invited them in to drain the life out of you?

Are you running an… “I can fix them” program…or an “I can heal them”… “They are my project”… “I know what is better for them than they do”… “I can change them”… “I can, I can I can….do something even though I am exhausted, drained and crazed” program or programs??!

How’s that working for you? Not so much!!! Literally, you are the absorber. You are physically absorbing their draining energy and taking it on as your own. You are giving your power away under the false assumption that you can fix the other person or persons. Reality check! You can’t!

This is why dysfunctional relationships don’t work. You can not make the unworkable work. You can’t change the behavior or the actions within this vampire paradigm until you are willing to step out of the “Absorber Box” and really see what is happening to YOU! You have to stop being the victim and stop victimizing your Self by allowing your life, your energy, and your relationship with your Self be zapped of life!

From absorber to becoming the observer is the shift you are required to make. Simplistically, in quantum physics, quantum mechanics or in the quantum theory, the only way to change something is to become the observer. You must take your Self out of a situation, detach from the emotional bondage of the relationship, and observe the facts. The non-emotional facts show you what you are doing and what the other person is doing. You begin to get clarity about how you are participating in the situation and the relationship.  All your self-judgment, in fact, all judgments of the relationship go out the window! You see your part of the relationship equation. You understand the situation was not good for you. As a matter of fact, it was not good for anyone caught up in the vampire paradigm. You are stepping out of the box and seeing the experience from a clear “advantage” point of view. You can make conscious choices to change the dynamics of your involvement in the relationship and situation. As you practice being the non-emotional observer, your behavioral patterns shift dramatically.

You are not the fixer anymore. You are not the complacent victim of vampires anymore. From this fabulous non-emotional observer view, you can now see what you learned about your Self from the past experiences and relationships, apply what you learned about your Self and move forward. It doesn’t mean you have to cut the person or persons out of your life, you are just not participating in energy-draining, dysfunctional relationships. You can pick and choose how you participate or not.

Appreciating and empowering your Self leads to appreciating your relationships. Now you can even empower others because you don’t have to fix or rescue anyone. As the observer, you will see and learn so much. Not only can you smell the roses, but you can also see the roses in your life without the thorns. Step into being the observer and you won’t be the absorber anymore!

Sherry Anshara
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