As Captain James T. Kirk says in Star Wars… “space the final frontier!”  Captain Kirk get a grip. There is no final frontier. There is only unlimitedness in your own spaces within your body. Your body is full of spaces and full of “items” in those spaces!!!

Your biological systems: ie your organs, your heart, your circulatory system, your digestive system, your nervous systemS, your muscular system… ALL YOUR SYSTEMS when working together in those spaces support YOU and Your Body to be LIFE!!!!  These systems take up certain spaces inside of you.

Your Particles, Molecules, Particles to the subatomic level of you in this current body are also spaces which are inhabited in YOU.  When all these systems are working together, as in cooperation with YOU and YOU with them, you are healthy, productive, focused and ALIVE!

Please consider what you are putting in these spaces?  Your Healthy Cellular Memory is one of your best 

Resources.  As you, me and all of us go into 2023, whatever that means as far as the space time continuum, be very, very, very aware, especially in these times, what you are allowing into your spaces in your both your head and your body.

Also know, discern what you are “watching”, or putting into your head and body, you comprehend the agendas that are being delivered by what you are “seeing”.  Are you observing or “seeing” through the filters of the Duality programs to “con”trol you.  When you are watching “reality” TV shows are they real.  There are so many subliminal messages in these shows that brainwash people.

These programs make acceptable the unacceptable!!!  When you do realize with “real eyes” what is going on behind the scenes!!!  How are these individuals involved in this brainwashing in their own “stuff” especially in the entertainment industry.  Can you be entertained by pedophiles and not know it? Hmm??  What happens if their audiences disappeared from their “con”trol.  Remember resonance is the key!   Acceptable for you or not!!!!

Programs/movies/tv shows…. Like They Live, housewives of some city or another, normalize the Reptilian Agendas through the left computer brain to “think” their way into your way of being “con”trolled!  So amazing how insidious and yet sometimes so subliminal, the audience is wooed into the trauma dramas.  In these fake trauma dramas, this is how the unacceptable become acceptable. This behavior of the profiles do affect, effect and infect the viewers.  This is absolutely… not a judgment!  This is Non-Emotional Observation from the facts.

How many watchers of either gender or not sure what gender, will make them Selves over to “look” or act like these “actors” who are acting out parts, getting paid and many times “con”trolled themselves! How is the “con”trol for them. Through money, fake adoration and just about everything fake!  These “shows” are not real. They create a false sense of realities.  So interesting.  

Yet the sad or sadness of this, is when individuals lose their own sense of them Selves to be like their idols. These are idyls of idols.  Idolatry is the focus of these shows. These shows make money for not only the sponsors but the applicants who apply their crafts to change the look of an individual to “look” like their idyl idols.  This is so interesting.

Matter of fact, in the psychiatrist and psychology arenas they label this in the extreme body dysmorphia.  Reality shows are dysmorphic.  Yet they are the best descriptions of un-realness that Duality has to offer.  Now if you like them, watch them.  Just don’t get mesmerized by them unknowingly in your left computer brains.  

For me, not for me.  However, if these shows are for you, then by all means, watch them.  Be Clear very clear, their agenda.  Be Clear their Duality programming is not wasting your time.  Yes entertaining!  Perhaps not!  These reality programs do allow an unusual type of voyeurism, not judging!  Ask your Self is this really entertaining?  Or is a waste of my time?  Or what is the emotional hook?  If you like these reality shows, then watch them.  

If you value your time, just make sure the value of your time.  Entertainment or a form of Duality programming, especially in these times.  The Truth is especially in these times, these types of “entertainment” are created as distractions.  Not kidding.  Though amazing!

Consider does the resonance of these reality shows, lower your resonance to becoming more and more Non Duality Conscious?  Just ask your Self.  This article is just to present some ideas and/or concerns, how the insidiousness of the deliberately created Duality  “realities”, whatever they might be in whatever form of TV, movies, technology,  to engage viewers to take time away from them Selves through other so called people’s lives.  Just consider!!

The moral of this articles is there is no moral to it.  Only to consider what is reality/realities Inside and outside of you… and what your make REAL FOR YOU IS FROM WITHIN YOU!!!




“You are real….Always remember your spaces of resonances of realness are always inside you!”
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