Give us this day our daily bread!  A very profound statement found in the Lord’s Prayer.  Without a doubt the daily bread is NOT the daily intake of calories from pizza, hamburgers, meat, potatoes, veggies or junk food.  It is the intake of heavy duty negative consciousness calories that make you sick.  You actually can put on physical weight throughout your body because of the volume of heavy emotional molecules that affect your health.  These “weighty” molecules penetrate through your entire being… eaten from a diet of negativity.  This negative source of food can be fed to you from pessimistic “thinking” and non-support, dysfunctional relationships.

Perhaps it is time to consider what you are allowing your Self to be fed!!!! Look at what you are eating from platters of daily bread which does not nurture you or support you to live a healthy productive life!  What words are you eating and what words are eating at you that make you sick, that make you feel disempowered, that make you feel less than, or a victim of someone or something? If the words you are hearing or the words that you are saying to your Self about your Self are not providing you with the sustenance that will nourish you daily, then why have them as part of your food of consciousness?  Get rid of the junk food of consciousness that is eating you alive!

STOP serving your Self daily junk food immediately.  START feeding and nurturing your Self with upbeat self talk, with positive daily affirmations, with productive relationships that make you feel uplifted and connected!  Begin each day with a renewed appetite, hungry for an inspiring feast of daily bread which will provide you with a food pyramid that gives you a healthy foundation for living each day to the fullest.  Feed your Self from a harvest of healthy thoughts and ideas and let your life flow!  Feast and enjoy…Bon appetite!