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“The more conscious you become, the less and less fear you hold in your body. The result is you are not creating from fear. You are creating from empowerment consciously.”

Sherry Anshara

What is Conscious Evolution?

Conscious evolution is you becoming completely aware of your own power, and then trusting yourself to consciously create your bold and brilliant future. Instead of being stuck in mental and emotional indecision, you instead begin to make fully conscious choices and take inspired action without fear.

In her book ‘Take Back Your Power’, Sherry explains how activating the 13 Chakras in your body will accelerate your personal evolution:

“The moment you choose to initiate consciously and intentionally the activation of your 13 Chakras, your body begins to release the density of the 3D Duality Dimension prison. Your ‘light’ body … is set free from the conditions, emotional hooks, and the outcomes from either the past or the repetitious past/future. You now have new and ongoing choices to create multiple futures in the No-Time, which is the space of Consciousness that is not restricted in the time limits of past, present and future. … The past, and the past/future – which are exactly the same – do not affect you in the present as you become the Involved Conscious Evolutionary.”

Why is Now the Time?

  • A major shift in consciousness is happening now that can support your transformation.
  • It is time to release your outdated beliefs, so you can finally live the life you deserve.
  • Being with a ‘tribe’ of Involved Conscious Evolutionaries will accelerate your evolution.
  • You can finally actualize the truth that ‘the power is inside of me’ and stop looking for external power.

Benefits of the Program

The 15-week online ‘experience’ is a practical pathway to consciously evolve using Sherry’s most advanced techniques and powerful healing methods

By activating the hidden energy of your 13 Chakras, you will be reprogramming your belief system to one of personal, rather than external, power

Become the ‘Master’ of your own destiny - find your answers within, not outside yourself

Engage with others who are on the path to true ascension in your body now

Webcasts on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm Pacific Time (California/Arizona)

Program Structure

On each week’s 2-hour webcast, Sherry will:

  • Teach you about a specific Chakra, and how you can activate its positive power for your life
  • Provide a healing ‘group’ session, where you can ask Sherry for support with specific issues
  • Gain support from the group and Sherry through a private Facebook page

Take gradual steps and stay accountable with a group of committed and like-minded individuals.

Payment Plan

Buy Sherry’s book

‘Take Back Your Power’

Program Content

Week 1 - Introduction

Fundamentals of Conscious Evolution

Week 2 - Chakra 1

Feet = Soul of Your Earth Body (Foundation For Life)

Week 3 - Chakra 2

Ankles = Female and Male Energy Alignment (Internal Balance)

Week 4 - Chakra 3

Knees = What You Stand For (Life Values)

Week 5 - Chakra 4

Hips and Upper Legs = Passion And Commitment

Week 6 - Chakra 5

Reproductive Organs = Creativity

Week 7 - Chakra 6

Solar Plexus = Balance and Understanding

Week 8 - Chakra 7

Diaphragm = Information Assimilation

Week 9 - Chakra 8

Heart = Feeling Center

Week 10 - Chakra 9

Nervous System = Conscious Integration

Week 11 - Chakra 10

Throat = Communication

Week 12 - Chakra 11

Third Eye = Vision Center

Week 13 - Chakra 12

Pituitary = Activation

Week 14 - Chakra 13

Crown = Christed Consciousness

Week 15 - Consciously Evolving

Living as an Involved Conscious Evolutionary

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