Have you noticed how attachment to a B.S. belief system causes suffering? When you become stuck in these belief systems —you’re not good enough, not smart enough, not rich enough— there may be glimpses of success for you, but when an unproductive thought enters, you believe it, and then any sign of success just disappears.

Learn to notice when you are experiencing anxiety, doubt, or fear, and then investigate your “story” behind them. Realize that these emotions don’t determine who you are. Recognize that you are existing in a B.S. belief system. You were programmed to believe this B.S. is true, but it is not the Truth. Become self-aware, and step out of your struggle and into Realness.

Bring your awareness to limiting B.S. beliefs and unproductive thoughts. Listen for the inner voice of your true Self—and notice how brilliant your true Self sounds! With your study of the Anshara Method, the limiting B.S. belief system in your story begins to fall away in the light of self-awareness till only Truth remains. The more you practice observing conditioned patterns, thoughts, and beliefs, the more you take back your power and step up to rule your reality.

This week, notice your thoughts. Question them. Identify repetitive thought patterns. Do they serve you? If not, choose to let them go!

Rule your reality with Realness. Become a member of the Anshara Institute today. Join the growing movement of people around the world dedicated to taking back their power, living a life free from unseen influences, and making choices for a bold and beautiful world of experiences.

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