Are you ready to ZOOM AHEAD in your life? Have you started (or finished) your Self-cleaning? Are you planting seeds NOW that your future Self will be glad about someday? And are you ready to hear about something wonderfully wild? Take a breath before reading any further — this is GREAT!!

One of the most fascinating things about the Anshara® Energy Method and quantum physics is that scientists are now discovering that the future can change the past. Yes, you read that correctly! Intriguing, huh? I know, it does sound crazy and even impossible, and it’s true…

Think about it this way: if you set a goal NOW, this “now” is the past from the vantage point of achieving that goal at some time in the future, right? Right. So, if you do some “Self-cleaning” with your energy in this present moment and thus release what’s not needed, you are not only changing this present moment, you are also affecting and changing the past (because someday this present moment WILL be the past from the vantage point of the future).

sherryism-timeDoes that make sense? If you set a GOAL to be able to be achieved at some future point in “time” (even though time doesn’t really exist), this setting of the goal means you will (hopefully or intentionally) do what it takes to get there — which means that what you normally would have done in this moment (and all the moments leading up to the achieving of the goal) really does CHANGE. See that?

The future CAN change the past, depending on your vantage point of how you CHOOSE to orient yourself towards your Self and what you choose to do NOW. So that’s why I say do something NOW your future self will be grateful that you did do… at some point in the past!

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