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Wind Ohmoto Education Designer — Wind Ohmoto experienced a 10 minute demo of the Anshara® Energy Method that resulted in a career shift from corporate world to Certified Anshara® Energy Method (QPEM) Facilitator at Anshara® Center of Consciousness, assisting people to heal themselves by quickly getting to the core of the issue, sharing answers to the “big” questions. Wind applies her expertise with managing information in the corporate world and her comprehension of QPEM to design online education programs for people who desire to assist themselves by building a toolset, and those who sire a career by expanding to assist others when becoming a Facilitator or Trainer.

Tamara Parisio Marketing Orchestrator — Tamara Parisio, MBA, award winning (Clio, ADDY, EFFIE, Creative Excellence) marketing, branding, and advertising executive. Tamara has a talent for developing brands, image, and core propositions to reflect the depth of a business intention. She has managed budgets for multi-million dollar brands. Her efforts in advertising included account management for Mattel, Firestone, overseeing production of commercials in the U.S. and Canada. She has created markeing efforts for Teleflora, Jafra Cosmetics—a Gillette Company, and Sebastian International. Tamara has been designing products and creating stories for companies across industries. Tamara is a prolific writer including books and screenplays for film.

Sherry Anshara Founding Creator — Sherry Anshara, is like Coco Chanel ± Albert Einstein infused with Kokopelli spirit (which turns out to be a lot like Besty Johnson). She spent years excelling in both male- and female-dominated fields, cultivating her own style and success. Then, after four near-death experiences, Sherry Anshara awakened to her calling — applying the science of quantum physics to life in a way that assists people to connect to and own their Truth, realize their personal Power, and become free of external authority and the B.S. belief systems that run their lives. Like Einstein, she stays with the problem to the origination point, and there roots our critical facts that are applied in order to recover and heal. Like Coco Sherry Anshara assists people to feel “well in their skin.”  With wisdom, insight, and wit, Sherry Anshara brings this all together in the Quantumpathic® Energy Method. Here is the Press Kit for Sherry Anshara.

Marlene Allen eCommerce Architect — Marlene Allen is a business energy consultant and a speaker who has assisted thousands of businesses with advertising and marketing. She also works with individuals to  exponentially improve personal and professional experiences using quantum techniques. In her quest to thwart “burnout,” Marlene developed a clearing method that works not only on people but also on technology! Marlene brings her passion for connecting business owners to their bodies in order to illuminate and clear ‘non-beneficial energy’ and transform them, their work space, their technology equipment, including websites, resulting in expanded vibration frequency to attract resources and clients who resonate with their message.

Sue Barnes Executive Assistant — Sue Barnes, MSHCA, MSN, RN lives her passion for medicine assisting people in achieving results through a conscious integration of the traditional medical model with the QuantumPahtic® Energy Method.  She has a long and distinguished career in many aspects of medicine as a registered nurse, which includes emergency medicine, prehospital care training, administrator of a health care facility, legal nurse consulting, and as an entrepreneur.  Sue has contributed chapters for several medical books and for The Intelligence Code. She shares the love of cats with Sherry Anshara.