with Sherry Anshara

Dearest Friend,

This is the moment to embrace the divine feminine aspects of your being, to listen to your heart’s guidance (rather than your head) and step into your power to expand in the direction of your dreams.

Increased stress and uncertainty lead many women to seek their personal power. The journey of finding your power means change from the inside out. It means changing what you say, what you do, how you think and feel about yourself.

Find out what it means to be in your MEPOWERMENT, personally and professionally, to “Feel” and “Be” the difference. This is your Life. Once you commence the journey to discover your true essence and your power, you’ll never look back. Step into your MEPOWERMENT and experience your abundant, joyful resonance in relationships and life’s circumstances.

“As long as you make someone or something outside of you more, you will always be less,” says Sherry Anshara.

Participants will discover tools designed to clear the blocks of health, freedom, prosperity, and the joy within.

Embrace your divine feminine. Embrace your BE-ingness! Listen to your Heart, your Intuition and use your MEPOWERMENT to expand into all the directions and make your dreams REAL!

In my practice, I am often asked the same questions: How can I connect to my purpose and get past obstacles? How can I change my life? How can I quickly heal pains and feel joy once again? How can I heal my family and get into the flow of peaceful living?

To answer these questions, I have created a process to release unsupportive belief systems and build those that serve you. Join me for this MEPOWERMENT seminar, let me personally guide you through a personal transformation.

I will assist you to take back your power.

I will give you tools you can use every day that will support you in finally living the life you desire, require, and deserve.

I will guide you to resonate with your plan so you overcome limitations, and get into the flow and productivity—flowductivity! —of your most powerful life.

The result is the realization of your life’s dreams!

Once you align with your self—with your heart—you will be relieved of stress, you will make choices that serve you, you will attract that which you desire, require, and deserve.


“NOT ONLY DID I GET MY JOY BACK, I ALSO GOT A NEW LIFE TO LOOK FORWARD TO. So many blessings and joy as I step on the dance floor and I say YES! Thank you, Sherry, with Love and gratitude and expanded oneness.”

– Kay MacKinnon

Event Details:


Sherry Anshara does not call herself a teacher or healer but rather a facilitator for others. Using her QPEM process, she supports others to go to their quantum cellular level of consciousness, learn the truth of who they are, and take back their power and their life. By releasing the old fear patterns and programming, their lives change automatically. It is through their dedication and commitment to themselves that she can support them through their conscious healing process.

This progressive process is the practical connection of consciousness within the human body from the cellular level that blends together all aspects of life: business, medicine, alternative healthcare, Quantum Physics, science, and relationships in the unity of oneness and wholeness for self.

Sherry loves to “show people how to live their dream as their reality.  To witness students and clients connect to themselves, to their bodies, perhaps for the first time. To see them released from the grip of their past and become truly present and free.”

Featured Speakers

FEATURED SPEAKER MADISON ESTEVES. Get inspired by the Powerful Journey of MADISON ESTEVES as she shares her experience with us about stepping into her Power with assistance from Sherry Anshara. Madison is an American beauty pageant titleholder from Chandler, Arizona, who was named Miss Arizona’s Outstanding Teen 2012 and crowned Miss Arizona 2015. She competed for the Miss America 2016 title in September 2015. She is a speaker and an entertainer.

Former Miss Arizona, Madison Esteves

FEATURED SPEAKER TRACI BOGAN.  Traci is a master at accomplishing unfathomable goals and dreams.  In 2001 she made the daring and unconventional decision to abandon life as she knew it and walked away from her earthly possessions, consuming career, unfulfilling relationship and loved ones. She strapped on a backpack and set off to discover the world and her role in it. Over the past ten years, she blazed trails through 50 countries in 6 continents, of her anticipated 100 country “Tour De World.”

During her journey, she cracked the code on Dreampreneurs and how to “Dream it. Plan it. Live it.”

“Sherry Anshara is the most remarkable medical intuitive/healer that I have met in my life. She is the creator of a unique process that unlocks deep seated emotional pain, stress and trauma by facilitating the release of core issues that reside in the body.”

– Dr. Dwight McKee

“NOT ONLY DID I GET MY JOY BACK, I ALSO GOT A NEW LIFE TO LOOK FORWARD TO. So many blessings and joy as I step on the dance floor and I say YES! Thank you, Sherry, with Love and gratitude and expanded oneness.”

– Kay MacKinnon

Registration Details

  • Half-Day Presentation with Sherry Anshara & Team
  • Event Workbook
  • Opportunity to Step Into Your MEPowerment and Your Dreams!

“I was able to keep my leg that was about to be amputated due to diabetes-related gangrene when, thankfully, my doctor referred me to Sherry Anshara and the Anshara tools.”  Still Walking!

“As long as you let someone outside of you be more, you will be less.” ― Sherryism

“I have learned to follow my heart and express myself more clearly. I feel totally liberated from the traumas of my childhood. I have been liberated from the expectations of others. I am now more creative and passionate about my mission and life in general. Sherry Anshara has changed my life for the better.”

– Anne Guerrant, President, The Guerrant Foundation

You’ll walk away from this experience with:

Ability to Step into Your Power to
Expand in the Direction of Your Dreams!
Tools that You Can Use Right Away to
Unlock the Blocks to Health, Freedom,
Prosperity, and Your Joy Within!
Knowledge of what it REALLY means
to be in Your MEPowerment
How to Apply MEPowerment
both Personally & Professionally
How to FEEL and BE the

MEPOWERMENT: What People Are Saying

“When I encounter a patient who has deep emotional fears, multi-layered traumas, or if the treatments that I recommend don’t seem to make any changes within them, then I will refer them to Sherry. She helps them to break away through the layers of dense energy to clear the trauma, so the body can heal itself naturally. I find that in shared patients, the natural remedies are able to work more efficiently when the patient has cleared the emotional attachment to their illness or disease. I highly recommend Anshara Intuitive Powers classes to anyone who is ready to change their life, clear past traumas/ stresses, and belief systems to live a healthier, happier, energetically lighter life.”

– Dr. Christina Kovalik NMD, LAc.

“Through Sherry’s facilitation and classes, I have been able to release deep emotional trauma originating from early childhood. I no longer carry around the burden of sorrow and anger that characterized much of my life. Sherry has not only facilitated these changes in me, but I have seen so many of my friends and family come to a much greater sense of self-awareness and emotional stability from working with this method. Rather than following an emotional pattern of response, we are able to step back and respond appropriately and directly to the challenge at hand.Sherry Anshara’s method could provide the trigger to full functioning of the men and women who have given their best for our country, our veterans. I strongly encourage the Veterans Administration to incorporate this innovative and effective technology into the services that you provide our veterans.”

– Gail Clement, President, G. M. Clement & Associates, Inc.

“My private and course work with Sherry have completely changed my life! My career in the corporate world has completely turned around. I got a promotion, new responsibilities and a boss who absolutely values the skill set I bring to the job. I was elected to a non-profit board of directors and the people and opportunities that have come into my life have opened new doors for me to give back to my community.”

– Mary Scott King, Boeing Corporation

“We went from miserable to happily divorced… with a Anshara divorce thanks to the assistance of Sherry Anshara.”

– Not Foes but Friends

“Found my inner drive with Anshara tools and realized my dream of becoming a worldwide #1 golf champion. Thank you Sherry Anshara!”  Happy Golfer

Now is the Time:
  • Half-Day Presentation with Sherry Anshara & Team
  • Event Workbook
  • Opportunity to Step Into Your MEPowerment and Your Dreams!

“My young adult daughter was about to be committed to a mental facility for unresolved emotional outbursts, they didn’t know what to do, and in just one session with Sherry Anshara of the Quantum Pathic Center, the root cause was discovered and the healing began.”  Grateful Mother



“Destined for a surgery to remove a tumor that was supposedly not covered by insurance, after two sessions with Sherry Anshara, my tumor disappeared.”   Cancer Free Me