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Hello Sherry, I can’t thank you enough for you. I have hand some cool things happen for me since I was in the class in Wheeling, April 1-4, 2014. A life changing event. First thing I noticed is on Wednesday the second day of the class. My right eye moved into proper alignment.

As a child I had a lazy eye. In 1990 I had two brain aneurysms , a 10 hour surgery that left the right eye damaged. During class and that evening reading your book The Age of Inheritance, my right eye moved into place. I had floaters in my eye, a lot of them. They are no longer a part of the vision field. I was a dancer and gymnast in my younger days.

In 1993 I had my first knee surgery. Now at 53 with a third knee replacement I’ve got my dance on again. I have been in dance class with knee support and pain. I went back to class after my 4 days with Anshara! My movement has become light, with grace and ease.

I felt like a young girl again moving across the floor with NO PAIN! The instructor and others in the class noticed and said, “You can tell you are a dancer, you move so beautifully. NOT ONLY DID I GET MY JOY BACK, I ALSO GOT A NEW LIFE TO LOOK FORWARD TO. So many blessings and joy as I step on the dance floor and I say YES! Thank you, Sherry, with Love and gratitude and expanded oneness

Kay MacKinnon
I am writing to recommend the services of Sherry Anshara. She has unusual gifts of healing and I have seen her help when no one else could. Her methods are not harmful in any way and provide a method that soldiers can learn themselves that would enable them to continue to heal themselves by modifying their thinking. She certainly has relieved anxieties in a number of my friends and acquaintances from a variety of stresses. 1 urge you to give the soldiers suffering from the Post-Traumatic Stress disorder an opportunity to see how much she can help them.

The psychotrophic drugs certainly have many side effects that are far from desirable and “off label” drugs are certainly not always checked thoroughly for safety. The benefits of her Quantumpathic Method and teaching using one’s own intuition certainly can be helpful for anyone Her methods are inexpensive and surprisingly effective. Most feel better and definitely more relaxed immediately.

If you find that she is helpful for a number of the more challenging sick soldiers, I am certain you will be anxious to have her see more of the men. I believe she will have a very positive impact on the persona I, physical and emotional aspects of the soldier’s lives, as well as improving their social and family relationships.

As a well-trained traditional physician, I have personally seen her for treatment and referred clients and friends to Sherry. She is amazing.”

Doris J. Rapp, M.D.

Overcoming Limitations

Removing the Blocks that have held you Back

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