The very shortened description of hood in the thesaurus is cover, covering, top and lid. Yet the word hood is far more descriptive than this. As a mater of fact, the word hood is far deeper than this short meaning. If you dig deeper, the meaning of hood will bare the soul and the spirit [...]

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Get Unstuck from the Cobwebs of Fear, Anxiety, and Doubt

Treat yourself to freedom from fear. You can eliminate anxiety, have greater confidence, and enjoy success! Grow beyond beliefs and dogmas into a direct, passionate, and profoundly loving relationship with your life. Learn how fear is just a lack of information! And tap into the rich treasure of knowingness your body holds. Sweep Away the [...]

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Anshara Method Workshops

The connection of consciousness, energy, and the relationship to the body and the mind is a popular area of research and study, worldwide. Among the many great researchers, there are growing revelations and discoveries, shared in works such as: The Biology of Belief, by Dr Bruce Lipton, My Theory of Everything: My Big Toe, by Dr Thomas Campbell The Molecules of [...]

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Believe it or not, every word that has ever been said to you and any words that you have used in your lifetime are embedded in your body. Your memory banks begin to store this information as you are developing in the womb. Think about all the words you speak on a daily basis. How [...]

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