In honor of October, Halloween, and the days getting shorter, we are focusing on keeping up our spirits. Depression is life altering for the person who is depressed and for all those in the depressed world of the individual who is suffering from this mind-boggling, debilitating state of non-participating existence! The challenge is to call depression [...]

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Anshara Method Workshops

The connection of consciousness, energy, and the relationship to the body and the mind is a popular area of research and study, worldwide. Among the many great researchers, there are growing revelations and discoveries, shared in works such as: The Biology of Belief, by Dr Bruce Lipton, My Theory of Everything: My Big Toe, by Dr Thomas Campbell The Molecules of [...]

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Believe it or not, every word that has ever been said to you and any words that you have used in your lifetime are embedded in your body. Your memory banks begin to store this information as you are developing in the womb. Think about all the words you speak on a daily basis. How [...]

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The highest vibrational field in your body is your heart. Researched and tested by scientists, there is no doubt about it, your heart is your connection to your Self, to everyone, and to everything on this planet, in the Universe and  the Multi-verse. Research conducted at the Institute of HeartMath has shown "that the heart [...]

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