Wonder why you are afraid? And are your fears and anxieties holding you back from success? So often trauma and drama programs run your life—and ruin it, too! Let go of those past experiences that no longer serve you. How?

Forgiveness is your tool. The past is one second ago, and the future is one second from now. You can change the future by not dragging the dysfunctional past forward. Let go through forgiving and forgetting.

When you hold on to trauma, the not forgetting is not forgiving. You still relate to the past experience. This past experience remains embedded physically and emotionally in your body at your cellular level. This can lead to deeper non-productive experiences such as depression (for more information, check out the blog Depression is Not Your Identity.

Learn to recognize the thoughts and the remembering of past experiences that no longer serve you. And then, you can make the choice to let them go—freeing your Self to follow your Heart.

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